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June 29, 2009


Hey, Oyster Mushroom Fans!! Don't forget to try our new high-protein Chunky Style!! Say goodbye to ho-hum tempeh, lentils, and black-eyed peas--perfect for those dreary Meatless Mondays!!

Oh dude...I totally would have LOST IT. ICK!!

OY VEY. I got the creeeeps just reading that. I hate swarms of any kind of insect. I don't like mushrooms either, but wouldn't wish that on anyone. GAH.

ewwww. Sorry you had to see that in your delicate condition. I've been thinking about a mushroom log... this little episode aside, is it worth it??

Oh, man. That is sad. And gross. And a tease. The beginning had me SO wanting to cultivate some mushrooms so I don't have to drool at the random ones in the yard wondering if they're poisonous and deciding they probably are.

On the bright side, I was wanting a snack before bed, and now, not so much.

Ick. Double ick. It might take me a while before I can shake that image and eat mushrooms again.

But the important thing to remember is that YOUR mushroom batch did indeed turn out better than your husbands.

You cracked me up with "except for maybe the ass-shaped one." Then I shivered in sympathy when I read about those bugs and worms. I wouldn't be surprised if you were traumatized for life and never wanted to grow another mushroom. But I know you'll try again some day...

sitting, reading, laughing!

I love how you put the mushroom on a piece of parchment paper so we can get the FULL effect of the infestation!!

Truly puke inducing!! Just too funny.

"I wonder how farmers deal with the emotional effects of crop loss on a large scale?"

I just really don't know; I'm still mourning my cilantro that didn't produce this year! So happy you're feeling better; love your blog.


Horrifying. And sad. Sorry it didn't work out this time. *Trying to get rid of maggoty image*

I am impressed at your fortitude that you didn't promptly vomit into the bucket. Gross.

Oh man. Oh. That's gross. Oh. I would have lost it.

Kara: I know. What made it really hurt was that I had no idea what was going on. They looked so perfect from the top.

Mary: Yeah, flies I can deal with, even eggs. But those worms were truly nasty.

Melissa: Next time, I'll remove the old, dead mushrooms so as not to invite unwanted visitors. Lesson learned.

CC: Smart bugs. Those condos were spacious and so close to the Pike.

musingegret: Welcome! Luckily, I'm mostly hardened from my past failures. Mostly.

giovanna: It was a paper bag, but still, point taken!

Jessica: Glad you enjoyed it!

Sobaka: I'll definitely try again. Even though they were infested, at least they grew. That's better than my usual record.

Amy: That's true, but only because he has absolutely no interest in trying.

Amy: Glad I could take away your appetite. That's the true measure of a good food blog!

aimee: I have some mushroom logs going as we speak (shiitakes). They take about a year, so next spring I'll let you know how they fared.

MidLifeMama: I suppose when you're dealing in fungus, you have to be prepared for the worst.

April in CT: They just looked so promising.

Barry: Always looking on the bright side. I never would have thought to play up the double protein angle.

Wait! Wait, everybody! All wild mushrooms have bugs and worms! But all is not lost: Place the mushrooms, even the ass-shaped ones, gill-side-down on a coarse screen and set the screen outside over the grass. As the mushrooms dry, all the bugs, worms, and eggs will fall into the grass below, where they will live out their lives unmolested. Meanwhile, the mushrooms will dry for storage and later re-hydration. I collect wild mushrooms and I do this all the time!

Ew. I was given mushrooms that had been foraged once and set them on a plate on top of the fridge (I was planning to do something with them soon!) The next time I looked it creepy crawly things were climbing out of it. My roommoate and I threw the whole thing in a bag, plate and all in a plastic bag and threw it out. We were happy enough to replace a plastic plate. Come to think of it, I used to love mushrooms and now they sort of scare me. Maybe this is part of it.

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