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June 25, 2009


This is EXCELLENT news.

RE: breast exams...The current trend in medicine is to be "Breast Aware." Instead of monthly self exams, doctors highly recommend knowing your body. Shape, color, lumps, etc.

I'm so, so glad. I haven't had time to read blogs much lately (or cook!) but I was SO sad to read your earlier posts, Tammy.

Well that is just stinkin' fantastic news, and I'm glad to hear it! I'm going to go home and feel myself up now.

Glad to hear the good news. You'll be around to annoy... I mean, entertain us for a while, then.

Big history of this in my family, so I definitely examine. Steve bugs me about it if I don't do it. Great advice, Tammy.

YAY!!!!! Best news I've heard in ages.

I'm a brand new lurker/reader, i found you right before your "spa visit". I just have to say I'm enjoying your blog very much and I am so very happy for you with this positive news.

Now if you'll excuse me, everything is making me weepy today, even this... So i'll go find something to amuse myself.

HAhahaha. Love the keg party metaphore. Just had my yearly mammogram this week. I know yours didn't pick up your cancer initially, so YES I do check the bewbies.

I am soooooo glad it is as positive news as possible given you have the big C to begin with.

"Because if you pass out neon condoms at a frat party at 10 p.m. and take an aerial photograph round about 2 a.m., you never know exactly where on campus you’re going to see the blinking."

God, you crack me up...

Glad to hear the news :)

"Because if you pass out neon condoms at a frat party at 10 p.m. and take an aerial photograph round about 2 a.m., you never know exactly where on campus you’re going to see the blinking."

Oh my god, you are the metaphor master. Great news and best wishes.

I bet you feel good. Sigh.
Sorry about the chemo, but hey. Do all the backup you can.
Best wishes.

{brag alert} I'm almost 60 and my breast tissue is still so dense the mammo films look black. But. That ain't good for diagnostics, so yeah: look and pinch!

Woo hoo! Huge weight off your back...or front, rather. Most excellent news.

I will feel myself up tonight in your honor.

Yeah!!! I am so glad to hear the news! You will remain in my prayers, but I am happy to hear it isn't quite as bad. Best wishes!

Very, very good to hear!

Since I'm new here, we have a lot of catching up to do. So for now all I can say (without seeming too forward, because you know, we DID just meet) is I'm happy that your surgery was a success.

I'm also glad you are able to poop again. 12 days is a looooooong time.

Thats great news, well kind of, I mean chemo sucks and all but it seems like the best it could be. Take care and hope the chemo isnt too bad.

That is the BEST news I've read all day (and if you've been reading the news, it's been a doozy for the "D" word). Bravo for you. I am so looking forward to more kitchen stories!!

That's FANTASTIC! So glad to hear it... hang in there!

Yay!! Great news that it's level 1, and good luck with the chemo. You kick that frat boy cancer's ass!

Best news!! So glad to hear it. Wishing you continued strength through the next phase.

YAY! Good news...I mean, as good as any cancer news can be. I'll still be thinking of you...good luck with the next steps of treatment.

I'm glad you got some good news! I hope that the chemo doesn't treat you too badly. Are you charmed or weirded out by strangers on the internet praying or lighting candles or whatever for you? :)

Hooray! That's excellent news!

Stage 1 is totally pussy - you can kick that cancer's ass with one hand tied behind your back and the other one baking cookies!

Happy the hear the good prognosis. Definitely calls for champagne!

p.s. Isnt' it crazy how long it takes to get pathology back?!? This has always made me crazy. I mean, your very life hangs in the balance, and you're telling me that you can't find a damn pathologist to sit at a scope and look at my freaking slides for like 10 minutes? No 10 minute slot for the NEXT 2 MONTHS? Argh. It makes me want to go get my PhD in pathology and buy my own freakin microscope.

Phew.. just had to get that off my chest. Glad you finally got good news after all that waiting but the wait... it's just *wrong.*


I was just catching up on my blog reading after a few months of craziness, and what do I find -- cancer?!

Oh dear! I am so sorry you have to go through this nightmare. But if anyone can pull through it, it's you. Never underestimate the effects of humor on cancer (or whatever else ails you).

If you need anything at all -- a meal or just someone to talk to, do let me know.

Big hug,

Glad you got some good news on this. Too bad about the chemo. It will only be a few months though, and I'll look forward to reading your commentary on your experiences with it. Writing about it will help you deal with it. Stay strong! My thoughts are with you.

Hooray! Huzzah! Drinks all around! Hmm... that's kinda difficult electronically. Well, internet-hugs all around!!!!

Love the condom metaphor. Did you ever see Skin Deep with John Ritter? There's a glow in the dark condom scene that's just pee-inducingly funny!


Best news ever!! The waits a killer isn't it?

You have the same type of cancer I did and here it is almost two and a half years later and I'm still around bugging the shit of out everyone I love.

I got goosebumps when I saw your post, I've just so very, very happy for you!

I am so glad to hear those good news and I only can imagine how relieved you must feel! It will be a tough summer for you but we are with you! All the best!

Tammy, I couldn't be more thrilled (well, as you said, no cancer would have thrilled me more.) You're going to do just fine. To mangle a quote from Beyonce, you're a survivor.

Still and all, it would have been cool to hear it was actually raisins in there.

Just sayin'.

Great news!
A friend of mine is just going through chemo right now for Stage 1 breast cancer too and as she says, "I'm not going to die but it's just going to be a big pain in the ass for a year."

You're young and you're funny so I'm sure you'll do fine.

Herceptin saved my sister's life. She received the drug about a month before she was estimated to die, before the drug was even approved. It was amazing to see her recover and now over 10 years later she is still cancer free. We are all grateful to the doctor who came up with this drug. Good luck to you, and be brave.

There, you see, I knew that candle I lit for you in a church in Devon (England) on holiday recently would do the trick! So pleased for you; I suspect chemo will be thoroughly foul, but ... coming out the other side will be great. Take good care of yourself. Sarah

"Because if you pass out neon condoms at a frat party at 10 p.m. and take an aerial photograph round about 2 a.m., you never know exactly where on campus you’re going to see the blinking."

At first I was like "wha?"

Then I almost peed myself. Thanks for that!

Damn, I go away for awhile and this? I'm glad to hear that your prognosis is so positive, as is you attitude and outlook (which I believe are as important as the treatment itself in conquering illness).

Godspeed, Tammy! You're gonna kick this cancer's ass.

So wonderful to hear that you are going to live! You make the world a better place and we need you around here.

OK, so I'll have a(nother) glass of wine tonight and see if I can make a move on myself. The problem I've always had with self-exams is that I feel lumpy everywhere. What kind of lump am I really looking for? I like the new "Breast Aware" trend. I'm aware that I'm lumpy, so I guess I just look out for abnormally lumpy? I think I just got a headache.

So glad to hear the news! The mental image of the condom metaphor will definitely be keeping the warm glow of a good prognosis in my head for quite some time.

Yay! I'm so so happy for you and your family. Phew.

Thanks, everybody! Glad to hear so many of you plan on putting the moves on yourselves. It doesn't need to be such a clinical, sterile affair. Just have a few drinks, put somebody lovely in mind, and get to it.

Tammy, I am Jackie Jacobi, Sarah's mother. She keeps me imformed about all her friends that I have met. Keep up the good spirits. My sister and I both had exactly the same kind of cancer you have and we did live and have no futher problems. I will pray for you,that you live a long and happy life with your lovely famil. Your cooking blog is great . May be you have some good COOL foods for us who live in the hot places. We all admire your wook and your good cheer. I am happy my daughters have such great and interesting friends. Jacueline

Effin' A, Baby!! Great news, great post. You remain in my prayers. Big hugs.

Tammy - I heard of your blog from my cousin Susanna and obviously have been remiss in my reading as I just got on today and learned of your battle with cancer. I am hoping that you are doing better and wanted you to know I love your blog and think you are a very talented and funny writer. I know you are strong from reading your blog and that you will persevere so you can keep us laughing with all of your food and life exploits. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

One question on your Grandmother's jam method - what do you store it in? I've never made jam and saw some recipe for freezer jam that used freezer Ball jars that tempted me - not enough to actually use all the berries I picked, but still..maybe some day I won't eat them all first.

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