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June 22, 2009


I feel a little weird that I just happened upon your excellent blog as you are undergoing cancer treatment. It seems like I'm stepping in in the middle of a conversation (on a rather heavy topic) that's been going on for a while. But I still have to tell you that I love your site. You are a funny lady and a good cook.

I am SO glad that things are um moving along for you again. Like it's not bad enough they put you through all the rigors of modern medicine without a little help for the side effects.

So glad to see you, as always!!

I just discovered/entered the blogging universe about 6 weeks ago when I found yours (timing stinks, I know), and I have to tell you, that there've been soooo many times since (even in the shower, and no I wasn't doing a breast exam, though maybe should've been) when something you wrote (pre AND post C-word, I'm reading backwards) flashed into my thoughts, and made me smile.

Really, seriously, conquer adversity, and keep up the posting. Welcome back to the land of the (semi, for me, at least) lucid!

When I'm queen of the universe, all women being treated for cancer are getting "get out of menstruation free" cards. Seriously, that is not fair. I hope you're feeling better in the immediate sense, at least, and am glad to hear you live in the right neighborhood!

That chicken looks great! I like the method too, will definitely have to try. How do get neighbors like this? I want to have neighbors who cook awesome recipes and share.

Really glad to hear you're feeling at least a bit better and easing yourself back into normality. I've only recently come across your blog, but I love it already - thank you so much for sharing your recipes, your wonderful writing, and your magnificent sense of humour. I hope your recovery keeps going well, and you're 100% healthy and happy as soon as possible. If I could send you a platter of delish food as good as your neighbour's, I would, but virtual snacks are probably not so tasty (too many bytes and microchips, not enough cheese). Very best wishes for the future.

Glad to hear you're up and about. Hope the surgery went well and did what it was supposed to.
You certainly do have nice neighbors!
Thinking of you...

This neighborhood rocks and I'm so glad you are a part of it. I didn't think about the irony of serving you breasts but I'm glad you did! Did you know that 90% of women treated for breast cancer that was caught early are still annoying their husbands and children 5 years later?

Seeing you post put a huge smile on my face. I'm glad you're feeling somewhat better and I will continue to think of you often and with great affection.

Very sweet of your neighbor to bring you the chicken, however amusing that kind of is. :) It looks great.

Glad to hear you are wearing real clothes and eating real food! That's progress, and the recipe does sound delish!

Kalyn: It's huge progress. I'm so pleased!

Melissa: Yes, very sweet. I have good neighbors.

Linda: That's a good statistic! I need 15 years to get both kids to college, though, so I'll have to work triply hard.

Karen: Thanks! It takes a village to get a family through breast cancer treatment.

Charlie: "Not enough cheese"-- I like you already. Welcome and thanks for your lovely comment.

Katie: I don't know. A lot of good luck. Sometimes the wrong side of the tracks are the right side of the tracks.

Sarah T: Well, you get my vote for Queen of the Universe! Menstruation is seriously flawed on a good day.

Kristi: That's awesome. Smiles are what it's all about. Welcome and thanks for your nice comment!

Jeena: Thank you. You'd think they'd come up with a combination pill: half Percocet, half laxative, and make the world a happier place.

aimee: Glad you could join us! I appreciate the comment.

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