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May 11, 2009


Saw the article. Very entertaining! I nearly threw the magazine out since my deranged mail person seems to have left my magazine out in a hurricane before delivering it. I nearly threw it out when I managed to unstick a few wet pages, flipped past the article and realized the woman looked awfully familiar so I flipped back. Very funny. Well done.

Bravo, Tammy! Well done! And, I don't know about Mr. Kimball, but I don't believe ATK has much of a sense of humor. At least about their recipes. Heh.

Good story, but not enough profanity.

Great job! Fun to hear about behind-the-scenes at ATK. I think you have too much of a sense of humor to work there anyway.

::stands to applaud:: Bravo! And a great pic!

And Barry's right.

Great article T! Very well written and funny!
But they only used half of one picture after all of that?

Nice article. I don't think Kimball has a sense of humor though. ;)

I laughed, i cried, i was entertained. Well done! I thought it was perfect.

Multiple dogs in a test kitchen???? Odd.

Deb: That's what I thought. But the test kitchen doesn't serve the public directly, so there's technically nothing wrong with it. Just weird.

Ernie: Thank you!! Did that cake look familiar?

Melissa: You may be right.

Dad: They only used half the picture in the online version. The hard copy has the whole picture, hideous cake and all.

Jess: You have no idea how much makeup I had on.

Karen: It's funny because I don't remember having a sense of humor while I was there.

Barry: I know. My editor was too good. He caught every one.

Sally: Perfect recipes are no laughing matter.

Marika: Thanks so much! I'm so happy to hear from you!

I loved it!

Found your blog via the Tufts article. Our oldest daughter is a junior. Good article, will check out the blog. Your FAQ is well written and very funny.

Hello, Tammy! I'm a fellow jumbo (J03) and food blogger, so your article was the first thing I flipped to in the new issue. I read it even before I checked to see who'd gotten married! I love your sense of humor, and suspect I wouldn't have lasted as long as you did at ATK. Great article, and I look forward to following your blog.

Also, until last year I lived in Newton Corner. Do you love Russo's, or what? I miss it terribly.

Thank you for the hysterical although impeccably written post! I laughed all the way through! I always thought a test kitchen would be a great place to work, but after reading of your experience, I think I'll just stay here writing my informal, amateurish blog!!

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