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May 20, 2009


I LOVE those photos! They work perfectly with the article (which I also really enjoyed). Hope you're doing ok - drinks will work out eventually!

I love the photos, both cute and amusing. Hope you have a nice week and get some needed down time. I'll be in Vegas so I won't miss ya anyway. ;)

Looks like I already have that cheesecake recipe (or cheesecake gene??). Every cheesecake I make ends up with a butt crack.

The article is brilliant, and the photos are all kinds of priceless.

I really enjoyed the article. You are a great writer. Fascinating job you had at the test kitchen. Its like all the real info people would want to know about having a job like that!

*Love* the photos! Have a great weekend Tammy!

great pictures tammy! ps i think we are on for Wednesday night :)

Hi there,

Hope you are having a relaxing Mem Day weekend. I've awarded you a "one lovely blog" award on my website:http://localkitchen.wordpress.com/2009/05/25/one-lovely-blog/. (See what good things happen during R&R?)

Pass the bloggy love along to some of your favorite 'lovely blogs.'

Thanks for the recipes and the laughs,

LOVE your blog - this post (with AWESOME pictures) sent me all over the site, landing on your terrific FAQ. So much fun stuff. Thanks for the great post and writing.

That pork chop looks a whole lot like the flank steak I left in the broiler one time, and forgot about while I was bullshitting with my girlfriend and throwing back a bourbon! LOL!

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