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April 17, 2009


Nesting TVs - way cool! We like to watch for the osprey return, but you know, whatever.

Welcome spring.

We have turkey vultures year-round here in the Soybean Field, so they're not much of a harbinger of anything except roadkill. My true hint of spring's return is the mocking bird, which last year decided we were hostile and so dive-bombs me as I leave the house.

Yey, spring!

I kind of feel bad for them. Terribly ugly, horrid name, they are the schlubs of the bird world.

The first time I saw a turkey vulture I thought it was a bald eagle too! They seem to have a large population in Ohio.

And if you get close enough, you'll find out how bad they smell. Stinky! Must be that bacteria rot-gut thing.

CC: I've never had the pleasure of getting up close and personal with a turkey vulture. Except maybe the one at Drumlin, but then I don't think that one sees much roadkill. I could be wrong, though.

Mary: They're very pretty in flight, from a distance.

jo: I hear they don't have a very high opinion of us, either, but they don't mind that we kill their food for them.

NurseJen: Wow, and here I thought mocking bird defenses were limited to mockery!

andrea: You think you're so great with your ospreys and beautiful coastal fauna.

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