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April 22, 2009


"and April showers would bring dead flowers and screams of “MY EYES, THEY BURN” when you get caught in the rain, post-piña colada"

*Dying laughing*

Welp. At least it's still getting eaten. I can't fathom how you're doing that though haha.

Did you ever look at that pickling book? Maybe there are some magical hints and tips in there. (The new edition hasn't been published yet.)

Hmm. I know there's a kind of Eastern European soup that uses sauerkraut... maybe that would help dilute the saltiness?

I think you might find a recipe here: http://yulinkacooks.blogspot.com/

You could save it for a freak May blizzard. Sure, the driveway may smell funky for a while, but it will save having to shovel.

Jess: You win the prize for most hilarious salty sauerkraut usage. I can just see me pitchforking it into our icy parking spaces while my neighbors shake their heads.

adele: What a great idea. This might actually work. Thanks for the inspiration. I'm on it.

Karen: I should look at it again. Thanks for the reminder. I was using Wild Fermentation as my sauerkraut bible.

Melissa: I'm just stubborn is really the problem.

The 1 t. : 1 cup ratio for your brine was too salty (as you know!). If you use a ratio of 1.5 tablespoons per quart you'll be keeping the brine at the same ratio as the stuff already in the crock (assuming you're using the standard 3 T. salt per 5 pounds cabbage recipe.) I can't remember if Sandor Katz mentions this ratio, but we talked about it in Master Food Preservers class.

You can check out my sauerkraut notes here if you're interested:

My family is German so of course I love Sauerkraut and am partial to it. It's good with sausages!

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