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April 14, 2009


I just found this video from a Legal Seafood chef that demonstrates what is perhaps a safer way to shuck an oyster:


I want fried oysters SO BAD now!!! Best spot decision I ever made was to try an oyster po' boy in New Orleans 12 years ago -- from a stand near Jackson Square. I have dreamed about that sandwich ever since... Thanks Tammy!

Oh man, Tammy...you have to invite me to your house for dinner. I promise I won't upset your kids. Those oysters look delicious...


The best soup I've ever tasted was an oyster-artichoke soup in New Orleans. I'm going back there in a couple months, and I can't wait to try it again. But I've never cooked with oysters myself. Lacking a Grandpa in Wellfleet, I just can't justify the $1/oyster price that I usually see - not unless I'm just enjoying them straight.

Blech. NurseJen can have mine.

Good stuff, it's hard to find good articles on how to make stuff like that. You should try posting this on Wacanai.com ( http://www.wacanai.com/intro ). I find most of my stuff there. It's nice because you can search by ingredients and by the name of the finished product. You can link your page to the website and it helps you keep track of who is using your articles. Great list of drink recipes for parties too!

Oh my. I usually eat my oysters on the half-shell, but that's spectacular-looking soup.

adele: A purist. I can respect that.

Chris: Thanks, I'll have a look.

Jess: Not a fan of the oyster? I'm sure you're not alone.

pyewacket: Good point about the price. Shellfishing licenses aren't cheap, either, so you have to be prepared to work to make them pay for themselves.

Linsey: I'll invite you if you invite me!

NurseJen: Everyone's raving about New Orleans oysters. Who knew? I've never been to New Orleans, but between the jazz and the po' boys, I bet I'd be pretty happy.

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