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April 03, 2009


Thanks for posting this! My Husband and I bought a mixer at a yard sale for 25 dollars and it said it needed repairs. WE searched "how to take apart a kitchenaid mixer" and found your sight :D THanks for the help the mixer had the SAME problem as yours! :) We're pretty excited to have a new mixer for soooo cheap! Thanks again for the help!

Okay, mine died too and now I have all the parts disassembled on my kitchen island. Tricky part for me is getting out that pin in the planetary housing! I've tried heating it with a hair dryer, using a screw driver, greasing it.. no luck.. any suggestions out there? My pin is STUCK!

I am now on my 3rd Kitchen Aide mixer, the last 2 being the unimpressive "professional" 575 watt models. I now have the corpse dissected, waiting for the PLASTC housing intended to hold the gears in place. I'll fix it for the $25 involved, but I will never buy another Kitchen Aide.

While KitchenAid CLAIMS to be made in the USA, I have read elsewhere that the gears are now coming from China. I have a 20+ yr old KA that is a little on the weak side (for heavy dough) but still works. My newer model - probably 12 years old - is totally dead. KA Customer Service listened to it on the phone and said it was the gears. So, I took my Hammacher Schlemmer gift card and bought a new Cuisinart. It works fine but a metal shard broke off the mixing blade and FORTUNATELY I felt it in my mouth and didn't swallow ite. When I called Cuisinart they said that the blad was made in China and they couldn't help me. They suggested going online and sending a message , I did - no reply. So, I bought one of those after-market blades with silicone spatula edges. Frustrating!!!!

what was the name of the gear that went bad? I am having a hard time locating it. thank you so much in advance...

I removed the screw above the on switch and know it wont turn on. I didn't read anything on the web until after I removed it. I was slow and very load. Is there anything I can do to fix it. please help

Thanks so much for doing this post! I thought I'd have to buy a new mixer after mine stopped mixing last summer but when I did a search on-line for the issue I was having, I found your post.

I really appreciate that you took the time to post such detailed instruction and links here.

I linked to you on my blog.

Thanks a million!
~ Jennifer

All I did was unscrew the screws (to the brushes) on the sides of the unit, take out the brushes, and tried to put them back which seemed simple enough, but now the thing won't start. Tried over and over and I must be doing something wrong...KitchenAid headquarters says that it is a very exacting predicament and those brushes need to be seated just perfectly. This is the only thing wrong with my unit. Any suggestions on how I can do it myself and avoid paying them some horrible amount of money to help me screw it back together?

As far as those of you having trouble seating the brushes, I have to report success due to the info. on this blog! (Even though KitchenAid corp. would be glad to help at an EXORBITANT price considering shipping charges, plus labor to simply analyze the problem and reseat the brushes, I urge you to keep trying.)The advice I read on this blog was spot on. You have to just keep trying and there is a certain place that it seems to go in a little deeper than other. So just keep rotating until you find the spot it engages the motor. Mine is now working again, thanks to the fact I took it out of the shipping box due to reading this blog and gave it another go. If I have any other problems I will refer back here and read advice from these able and persistent fellow small appliance owners who are so inclined to fix it rather than merely hand it over to the company that insists that these issues are only something that a certified KitchenAid dealer can properly perform. Wrong.

my mixer is leaking oil a little but I'm like everyone one else I don't want to send it in so if anyone out there can tell me what to do on how to fix it please let me know. My e-mail address is

Great, common-sense breakdown of the problem and solution. Also, hilarious. Keep up the good work, please.

My homey mixer runs at one spped only Would like to fix myself, can someone help Thanks Marie

great blog... i am relieved... this is what is wrong with my kitchenaid... to much breaddough..:))).... great i can repair this myself... thanks again...

My KitchenAid just broke in the same exact way and I have the commercial huge one too. I found your site googling how to repair it - I'll try to do it myself now - thanks for the tips!

How in the world did you get the four "Monster" screws out of the base of the head. All seemed relatively easy, then Bam! Four monster screws that seem to be in there for good. You did a great job with your mixer, hope I am eventually able to do the same.

YAY! The Google sent me here because my mixer broke today - same mixer, same problem, using the dough hook. I haven't taken anything apart yet but it's a relief to know it won't cost a fortune and we can do it right here! Thank you, thank you thank you!

I think I have a new favorite author! Oh... and thanks for this post! Perhaps our KA mixers aren't immortal, but have 9 lives instead?

Just fixed my 13 year old mixer with the info from the links. The same gear was broken in mine from making bread at Christmas. Probably won't make bread with it again. I had never cleaned or greased mine, yuck!!! Thank you for your awesome post! Glad I didn't have to fork out for a new one.

Way to go. I use my Pro600 to make pizza dough and go through a mixer every 1.5 years. The KA mixer is the most expensive component of my pizzas, aside from the oven. I hope they will add your post to their owner's manuals and start selling the parts.

I had to stop & laugh...stop & laugh some more before I could finish reading your post. Finally (emphasis-4 years later finally) I’ve discovered an end to my moping about my Kitchen Aid mixer purchase fiasco. I’ve laughed a lot (& expressed other emotions-none I can repeat) since I purchased a Kitchen Aid mixer for a Christmas gift in 2006.

I bought the mixer at Kohl's for my daughter-I just knew it would be a perfect much used gift-especially when she got her own place & dream kitchen. It didn't get opened until much later (but opened before she moved out) and surprise!!!! It didn't work!
My first laugh was one of irony...These things are supposed to last forever & this was discovered when the product was unused & the warranty had just expired!

I got déjà vu when I read your post...Yep, I also contacted Kitchen Aid & I got the exact response. (Do they have script booklets for this stuff???) I was actually surprised, since the mixer was just out of warranty & I ‘m a multi-product registered Kitchen Aid consumer, that they didn't offer to courtesy replace or repair my mixer.
My next laugh was at myself...for being surprised at their response.

So the mixer sat & sat & sat some more…unable to be used, giving me a nagging reminder that I was out over $200 bucks & my daughter was minus a gift. So, now I finally know how what started as a great gift at a great sale deal became a dud gift. Laughing again as I was again reminded that I'm so very consumer lucky...I grabbed that particular box off the shelf-the one with the broken mixer. What are the odds?-for me-99.999%

The story goes on…One fine holiday, 2 years later, I was shopping at Kohl’s. An associate noticed that I was looking at the mixers (still trying to figure out if I could afford to make good on that dud gift). She commented on the fabulous sale and I told her about my mixer purchase from their store. Can you believe it… she was a manager & the store offered to take the mixer back & give me a comparable mixer if I brought them everything, including the box and sales receipt! No problem…I keep everything! Now here’s the real laughable part of my luck…When the mixer was opened, the box went into storage. It never made its way back to the box. Who knows why? The box-it disappeared??? The receipt…it was in storage, inaccessible because everything was packed away while renovations were being made to the part of the house where I keep my files. Oh, laughing at the irony of it all…

So the mixer sat & sat & sat some more... Then one day...not so very long ago, (and after #1 daughter moved into her own place-sans the dream kitchen) I decided to just stop looking at the darn thing, get it repaired & make good on my gift to her. I felt I did owe her the gift & justified that repair costs shouldn't be more than I saved on the purchase price & definitely cost lots less than buying her another one. That's when I contacted Kitchen Aid once again in order see what my options for local service or repair parts orders & in the course of our conversation it was discovered that it wasn't even the mixer I bought! Ah, yes, the ole switch...someone apparently bought a Classic Professional Plus mixer, put their older & broken Heavy Duty mixer in the box and returned it to Kohl's who managed to miss that switcheroo and put it back on the shelf for sale. I had become its new owner. Now, did I even want to get somebody's used mixer repaired!?! I think not! I was back to being annoyed... Not my last laugh-but definitely crazed as I realize “Lynne’s Luck”…is a possible permanent syndrome (which imo puts Murphy’s Law to shame).

Three weeks ago, I was back to feeling like I should repair the mixer & get it to its owner. I actually lugged that thing to a repair store where I was told it would be $130 to fix that gear (plus possibly more) but it could be ready within a day ('and it is so worth it lady, that is a good mixer, even better than the new one you thought you bought'-smile) I left the mixer & almost authorized the repair, but rethought the expense and notified them to not proceed. I returned to claim the unrepaired mixer. It seemed the mixer was doomed to sit & sit & sit some more. So, today, I decided to search the web for answers to an age-old question-can I repair this myself? Well, well, whatta ya know…I can!

My mixer seems to have the same malfunction as yours did! Now I feel sure that it can be fixed for a little moolah. (Bonus-a project for my recently retired husband to do other than annoy me, & my-out on your own welcome to freedom-daughter can finally cook her way out of life's stress.)

And...Here’s my next laugh…as I scrolled & read your post, I noticed that the white sweater I was wearing seemed to be identical in color & cable knit pattern to the one you were wearing in the picture & so I scrolled back & looked...sure that my Craftsman screwdriver too??? Now that was laughable...

*In my last call to Kitchen Aid, the rep offered me $30 off the price of a new stand mixer as an apology for my purchase situation. The cost to make the repair on this mixer will be about $30. (Last Laugh???)

HI there! I am a little late to this party, but I found you while searching for a way to fix my kitchen aid mixer. I am following the directions at the link you posted and have gotten to the point where I need to "gently tap the pin out of the planetary housing." I CAN'T DO IT! It won't budge. Any tips?

This is all very useful but can someone please tell me where I can get spare parts and if I can get them shipped to the UK? My mixer needs a few bits (so Im told) but no idea where to start looking.
Any help much needed!

Elaine: I got my parts from No idea if they ship internationally, but they probably do. Start here:

Thanks so much for posting this. My beloved KA bit the dust last year and BF wants to try and repair it. I posed the question of "does anybody know anybody" and a participant at Serious Eats advised me to visit your site. I sent my KA back and they said it couldn't be fixed but wanted to sell me "a refurbished model for $X." That really made me angry because they told some other poor soul that his or her KA no longer worked but somehow it was able to be refurbed for RESALE?? I got mine when my daughter was born. She's now 22.5 years old and I'm still not willing to give up on it. Wish me luck!

Just called KA about oil leaking. Since I don't use it often, I was told to run it on speed 10 for 3 minutes once a month. The leaking will stop on its own. Not broken! wooo

I was grinding rice in the grain mill on my 6QT KA mixer today when the entire mill started to shake and the shaft inside the mill stopped turning. The mill was slightly loose, so I turned everything off, checked the mill and shaft and tightened everything. I started the mixer again and the shaft wouldn't turn. The mixer started made clicking and grinding sounds. I called KA and they offered to replace it for free with a refurbished. Usually, I wouldn't go that route - I'd try to repair it, but I don't use it that often and I have no desire to spend time or money trying to self-repair or take somewhere for repair. It is extremely frustrating though - I've only had it five years and because it's so loud I've only used it to grind a 2lb bag of rice twice a month in the last two years and intermittently before that. That said, I've bookmarked this page. If the refurbished model gives me grief, then at least I have some repair ideas.

A little late, but I love this post and series of responses. Actually I found a repair guy for mine (it's 27 years old) in Concord just before bigtime Christmas baking season, and he fixed it. So far he hasn't charged me which is why I am back online looking for his info so I can call him and tell him I would really like to pay him!
Mine needed new brushes. I think.

I replaced the nylon worm and still have the same porblem any ideas?

great website and thanks for your help. the other links helped a lot also. thank you.

what kind of grease did you use to regoo it? I have got it apart and I am waiting for the new work gear too. any help would be aesome Thank you again

HA! Take that Kitchen Aid and your stupid no ship to FPO's policy. My mixer is fixed! Thanks so much for the help!

My Wife's Kitchen Aid 6-qt mixer is leaking drops of oil from the mixer area down the back lever casing and onto the area where the bowl rests. Is there a gasket that needs to be replaced? What type of oil will I need to use to replace what has been lost?Otherwise, the mixer runs properly. Is there a web page that will show me a schematic or diagraham to put the parts back together properly?(Model#KP26M1XPM.


Where did you order the part from?

Juli: From

Good luck!

i need the scamatics for my proline kitchenaid mixer

Hiiiii, I mean sigh.. My mixer did the same thing over the weekend, dough hook, flour, then nothing. After hearing your story about customer service, I thought well I'll give them a call anyway...they gave me the same story, well ma'am, your 500.00 mixer is 10 years old........asked to speak with manager put on hold, they will call me back, yeah right. I'll take your advice and mix it myself.

Can you tell me how you got the pin out of the thing that turns? (I'm so technical with my words!)...I saw the Youtube video on how to take apart. I tried punching it out like he showed but mine wouldn't budge!

Please let me know.

I don't know you, but I think I love you. My mixer died yesterday and I've been freaking out about the expense of repairing it.

Many many thanks for yr great helpfull post!
You saved me about 50€ and 3 weeks without my lovely Kitchenaid!Thank you again and grettings from Athens Greece.

For anyone, looking for the worm gear, you can buy one here:

Good luck!

I'm just about to start this. Will let you know how I do!

8 years? Mine lasted 2 uses and 1 month! Luckily, mine was under warranty but I can appreciate the ire experienced when your kitchen fills with smoke. I am also impressed with your resourcefulness!

Thank you. The first paragraph could have been written by me. 8 years, mad, excetra. I'm going to look at the website to see if I can fix it myself. Thanks

Just remember the kitchen aid instructions say not to use the dough fork above a two setting. I bought mine at a flea market 15 years ago for $85.00 and it had no instructions. It recently stopped working. I am not sure what happened, one day it was working the next it would not turn on. I guess I'll get my screw driver out as well. I think my husband took the bearing out the side and put them in wrong, I will be checking out those sites. Thank you!

I see it's along time since this post was written but wanted to say how much i appreciate it! I live in Dublin Ireland now but have a US commercial mixer I bought back home (price club!) over 20 years ago. I love it. I was panicked yesterday when it stopped mixing properly during a batch of chocolate chip cookies. OH NO! Especially as the mixers cost about double here that they do in the US and mine is a US voltage version. so i think you may have provided the answer. I'll order the gear and give it shot. thanks!

Used my KA today. First time since the holidays. It doesn't get used much. Today I noticed oil on my counter. I cleaned the oil up and later found more. Please if anyone has had this problem and was able to fix it themselves Please let me know. This mixer was to last me a lifetime...hope my lifetime isn't coming to an end. lol

Thanks for posting this. It gave me the encouragement to jump in and re-grease my aunt's 1950 (or so) KitchenAid 3C mixer. The links that you gave were invaluable.

Everything worked out fine. Doing the job slowly and keeping track of where/how each part fit was key.

Great job :) I rewired a cord on my k5a but didn't tag the wires and am now wouldn't know of anyone which schematics for a pre-solid state k5a would you? This one is from the early 40s (and the gears are fine ;) lol

I'm so excited to see this. I need to turn my previously-flour-covered mixer into a gluten-free mixer. I want to clean it inside and out.

mine died too and i cant get the pin in the planetary housing out! I've tried heating it with a hair dryer, using a screw driver, greasing it.. no luck.. any suggestions out there? My pin is STUCK!

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