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April 03, 2009


Love this post!! I've taken my 6qt professional in 2 times (cost over $200) for repairs & it is in need of another repair. I've now taken off the top & googled do it yourself kitchenaid repair ... came to your post. Ours is 6 yrs old & I am with you ... sad. This time the top is loose & I can see a stripped screw that I believe is the reason. I am fortunate enough to live 5 min from a repair place, but gosh darn it am tired of paying for my $500+ mixer to be repaired AGAIN! Thanks for the links & expressing my frustration so well. ... btw the repair guy told me if you want a Kitchen Aide that lasts "forever" find one at a garage sale that belonged to someone's grandma.

Glad you got that fixed. I am having a different problem, it will not shut off, stuck on medium. I was creaming butter and sugar.

Other story: our first machine was a 5 quart. It broke and when we called KA they did a troubleshoot and said the part that was broken would cost $110 to fix. We said forget that as it was $199 as a refurbished model. We bought a new 6 quart.

My FIL was bothered by the whole thing and asked if he could have it. That meant the accessories, 2 bowls, splatter guard and more. We said okay, take it. He took the broken one to an unauthorized small appliance repair guy in a tiny shop in the nearby city. He fixed it for $11. I was steaming mad. We felt like fools for listening to KA and our 6 quart was already two months old and used and we would not return it. So my FIL kept the KA and enjoyed it.

I no longer trust KA staff to troubleshoot via phone.

While under warranty the machine #2 broke & we had to ship it to them to get fixed. They wound up just sending us a new one. (If it was not under warranty we would have used that elderly repair guy who was so great.)

I used a friend's Delonghi last week and it creamed butter so fast and was great for making 6 batches of cookie dough. I am tempted to dump the KA mixer altogether. I will need to research it more though since we make a lot of bread.

THanks for your post.

While my grease is toast --- a horrid design here, totally unengineered and designed for failure, the plastic gear looks fine. I suspect the motor. It will not run disassembled. Help.

My Kitchen Aid mixer is fairly new, but recently while using it, the mixer moter just simply quit running and stopped completely and will not start again! Please help!

My husband bought me a Bowl-Life Stand Mixer . It just past it's warranty. the bitter hit the side of the bowl and even worse is I try to fix this part and found out the motor is not working any more.I only use this machine no more than 20 times.It is very frustrate.I call KitchenAid center and they don't really helps and even told me according to my model and serial number this machine was purchased on 2009 not 11/2011 ( I still keep the original receipt).

I am SO happy I found this post, albeit four years later. Now I know that I'm not the only one to have had this happen.
My KitchenAid Artisan Mixer broke a couple weeks ago and it sounds like it's the same issue that you had. My mixer was given to me as a gift in 2009. It should last longer that FOUR years. I, too, got incredibly frustrated when I spoke to a customer service rep from KA. She tried to insinuate that I was incorrectly using my mixer and had it on the wrong speed, or, had the mixing bowl too full. I politely told her that I very well knew how to use the mixer and wasn't an ignorant baker. (I was in the process of mixing browned butter, white sugar and brown sugar and the paddle stopped turning and the motor made a weird whirring noise. ) I also asked what KA could do for me, as the mixer wasn't under the LAME one year warranty. She told me the same thing that you reported above. She also gave me a name of a local KA certified repair place. I informed KA that I thought as a reputable company they could offer more to the loyal customer base than free shipping on a broken machine. They should offer a lifetime guarantee. Seems as if their mixers are made to break. Well, at least in my opinion. So, I have to call the repair place to get an estimate. Though, I might try to fix it myself...but I don't think I'm that mechanically inclined. ;)

Thank you for posting your story. I'm glad I'm not alone. :)

Gosh! She manhandles idiotic Service Reps, She isn't intimidated to open her kajillion dollar mixer herself, she's smart, she's funny, and she uses sexual innuendo in her humor....AND She Fixed It!! I think I'm in love. Why are all the good ones married?

I had the same thing happen a few months ago. I to think a $450 mixer should last more then 8 years (mine is a 2005 model). Called local repair place wanted $90 to $120 to repair it. Called KitchenAid, said I could pay $55 to ship it to them for evaluation for repair. Once I said no to that she said she would be happy to sell me a new one for $450 and oh by the way, it comes with a free ice cream maker attachment (which I already have). If I have one $450 mixer that doesn't work why would I want to buy another one?!??! Going to see if my uncle can fix it, and if not sell it for parts and never ever buy a KitchenAid product again.

A good friend of mine gave me an old mixer (avacodo green to date it). I took it apart, sandblasted the green and painted it white while also changing out the grease. That was over 15 years ago. The seals are leaking so it looks like I have to do it again.

I bought a artisan K A mixer at goodwill. it had a small puddle of oil under it after it was used once. Called Kitchenaid coustemer service # in book. The woman suggested running on speed 10 for 2 minutes. Did it and have not had a leak since. Was told if they arent used regularly this can be a common problem. What a great $60 find at goodwill.

I'm so glad I found this! Ours broke about a year ago and my hubby said the exact same thing you did. We made pizza dough in it all the time, which we suspect that it broke. I will be ordering the part today! :)

Hi all! While repairing my KitchenAid mixer I found a website, that has the exact colors to fix scratches and chips! Happy painting!

I am embarrassed to say that I am about to shell out over $100 to a very nice elderly gentleman who just regreased and replaced a gasket on my mixer as I had not yet seen this post, and didn't realize I too could have the tits and gumption to do the job myself. I mean really, could it have been any more difficult than making the damn french macarons that wrecked it in the first place???

I've always wanted one of the KA stand mixers. Since I don't cook much I opted for the KA top of the line portable. Guess what the motor is gone after about 15 uses, mashing potatoes. Not exactly a heavy load. Boy I'll sure not buy KA again. Nor will I buy the big one. I got out my old Westinghouse mixer of 35 years and that's what I use, The KA went into the trash tonight as that is just what KA is. I've never heard the amount of product stuff as I have just read, and we idiots keep buying it. Boy does KA have a racket. The old ones lasted a lifetime and that is what KA is counting on. Now the stories are coming together. What a slock company. One of these days they may, just may get the message. Who ever heard of having to take an appliance apart. Hunter sure doesn't make you take your ceiling fars apart, and they run forever.

I need book on mixcy repair

Thank you for your information. Just looking where to send my broke KA. And there you with the answer to my prayers. I will now pull out my trusty tool box and do what needs to be done. Thank you for the encouraging words. Linda

Yay! My almost brand new one, that has already been replaced once, has a problem with the gears when making royal icing. Now I can fix it for a fraction of the price or sending it off as KA recommended, after they told me that this machine shouldn't be overused making bread dough and royal icing...(um that's why I got the professional model). Off to order the needed gears and get my baby machine fixed! Thanks for the info!!

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