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April 30, 2009


When I got home the preschooler ran over, ripped off the protective plastic cover, pointed and squealed "Look! Daddy! Baby mushrooms!!!"

So jealous! Mine haven't sprouted yet. Beginning to lose hope that they will...

Your mushroom is adorable:-)

I can't wait to read about their culinary debut!

Way to go!

Living on the Cape, I can grow great fungus. Unfortunately it is on clothes, books, and photo albums. Maybe I should try my hand at something that is at least edible?

andrea: Bet you could make some great blue cheese down there!

April: Me, too. Grow quickly, my pretties.

Tea: Mine took twice as long as they were supposed to. Don't get discouraged. Maybe next week?

Husband: He told me that now we have to hug them so they'll grow big. I thought that was so sweet, so I gave him a hug and told him in no uncertain terms to keep his paws off them.

I actually said "Hee!" at the screen when the picture came up. Mushrooms yay!

Shitaake logs, eh? Not gonna go there. *Straining self*

That would have been somewhat more amusing if I COULD SPELL. *Head desk*

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