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April 20, 2009


I'm so sorry! It sounds like you had a sucky couple of weeks. Here's hoping that you get some excellent, healthy weeks just to even things out. I've done the ATM thing more times than should really be allowed, so I understand the frustration and the crying!

Ugh. There's nothing quite so disorienting as heading to a parking lot and finding your car missing.

And the insult to injury of the damn ATM card! I would have cried, too. Even in the tow yard.

So, I'm sorry. I'm giving the Universe a stern talking-to on your behalf.

Oh, Tammy! I'm so sorry about your troubles. At least you've used up your quota of bad mojo for a while (I hope!).

This is a Very Sad Tale. I would have cried, too! At least you have your health. Again. Finally. ;)

Yeah, the ATM card loss on top of the car towing... that's just a kick in the teeth. So sorry, Tammy. And I too would have cried. I would have lost it completely. I'm sad just thinking about you walking all the way to the tow yard. :(

Hope this next two weeks brings a lot of joy and good fortune to make up for the previous two.

The marathoners were *SO* inspiring yesterday!! As for everything else, what a bummer. I cry a lot too when things are rough. I think it's good for you :)

Ugh. That's awful. I hope your luck's due to turn. :)

Your story has a familiar ring to it...
When I was pregnant with my first child (now almost 18) I went lunch at a deli on Rt. 9 in Chestnut Hill. It's no longer there, which is too bad. I parked at the Baybank, because I was a patron, just not at the moment. And yes, my car was towed. I didn't lose my bank card, but I did come down with hepatitis A the next day.
As my husband was leaving for Vail.
See, I can laugh about it now. You will too.
Hope your little guy feels better.

There are only two good things about nights like this: 1) you'll laugh about it someday and 2) it makes those other sucky nights that were not quite this bad seem a lot better by comparison.

I love those moments in life. When it happens you fall to pieces. Later, when you tell the story, it's funny.

Thanks, everybody, for being such sympathetic listeners at my pity party! Just writing it out made me feel better, and, of course, your comments did, too. This week has been sunnier. (Karen, your story beats mine because there's something very scary about towing, pregnancy, and hepatitis all converging at once. Glad you made it through.)

Your blog is hilarious. So glad I found it! I loved the part about the paid pre-school days. I too have a preschooler and lament when she is sick. I become a not-so-wonderful mother when I don't get my free mornings while she is at school. The mushroom growing is great.

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