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April 06, 2009


That looks really good to me right now. I bet it would be good with other greens as well.

This looks just right for this time of year. I don't eat mayo so this is a new dressing for me to try.

That certainly is a very nice potato salad. I'll have to give it a try soon!

How pretty. I've never made one like that..... Eee.

Lukewarm. Just the word for April. Penny's right, the dish seems perfect right now.

Ha! April is best lukewarm, indeed.

Warm, vinegary potato salads are very German and the way I prefer them.

Nice. I wouldn't have thought to put watercress in a potato salad, but now that you mention it, it sounds just right.

I love your analogies to spring! very nicely written.

Hi Tammy,
Just linked to your blog from Boston.com. Looking forward to your recipe posts. I will have to make that potato salad.
feel free to check out my new blog:

Brian: Hi, and welcome to the blogosphere!

Julia: It's recipes like your fettuccine with spring mushrooms that make me so impatient about the season. I should enjoy it more for what it is rather than what's to come.

adele: It works well, I think. Amanda has the potato salad on a bed of watercress, but that's no fun.

Heather: I'm a fan of the German potato salads, as well. Especially ones with bacon in them. Don't you admire my restraint?

Melissa: It fits.

CC: You should!

Karen@Mignardise: Please do. It's meant for sharing (not that Husband got any of it).

Penny: Just proves that mayo-less potato salads are lovely, too.

Kristin: Bet you're right. Arugula, for one.

I love vinegary potato salad. Peppery watercress is such a nice idea to pair with warm, bland potatoes...yummy!

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