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April 12, 2009


mmm, crescia! That's actually why I found your blog about a year ago, I was searching for crescia since my family is the only one I knew who made it.

I love Nonni. Wish we could have been there. Happy Easter!

holy crap my dad does the same stealing of the plastic bags. i get so mad at him. i mean, that's straight up stealing. did you confront nonni?

I avoided the whole "left-over" hassle by taking DH and I out to Easter brunch at the club. Of course, now we won't have ham sandwiches for a whole week, but, oh well. Hope your Easter was a good one and the kids found LOTS of Easter eggs.

Sally: They sure did. Hope you had a good one, too!

gansie: I decided the plastic bag thing wasn't anywhere in the realm of Things Worth Confronting a 90-Year-Old Woman About. I'll do some extra recycling for her!!

Sis: Missed you!

Emily: Who knew? I always wonder who these nameless people are who read my blog, and now I know that they have excellent taste in Easter bread. Hope you had a good one and thanks for commenting!

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