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March 12, 2009


You had me at "peeing stock".

I've got a chicken carcass (man, that sounds tasty! *sarcasm*) in the freezer for my first ever attempt at making stock. May the broth be with me and I hope I don't screw it up.

I have three rather small carcasses (carcasses sounds weird... carcasses? carci?) waiting to be stockicized this weekend. Man, I am a language BUTCHER.

But drag the topic out as long as you'd like. I love this subject. I haven't made beef yet, though I attempted it once. I threw it out because I thought it smelled horrible... and then I found out that it's supposed to smell like that. *Face-palm*

I have definitely used stock as an excuse to avoid social engagements. Now I just have to make sure the people to whom I made those excuses never learn to cook.

I was surprised to find (in Joy of Cooking - should've looked sooner) that the key to a successful vegetable stock is potatoes. Yes, potatoes. They don't seem flavorful enough to matter, but something about them (texture, maybe?) is really important. Now if I boil potatoes for something, I'm likely to save the broth as a stock-starter.

Yeah! Can't wait. While I have no problem with chicken stock beef has me stumped. I went to the butchers last week and got 2 bags of beef bones with the intent of making beef broth. Between looking at all my cookbooks and google I got totally confused. Do I roast my bones or not, does the stock go on top of the stove or in the oven. Sheesh! Needless to say the bones are still in the freezer.

Yum, can't wait for stock part II. I've been making a good bit of stock lately and have some chicken, veggie, and beef stock comments I'll save up for the next installment. If you keep this going for a whole year, though, I'm afraid I'll be completely out of things to say (hard to believe!)

Luckily this is of no use to me because I pee homemade stock. You should come to my house for dinner instead.

katie: Now that, my friend, is the most tempting offer I've gotten all day. So you can imagine my day.

andrea: Don't worry, there'll probably only be one more stock post or I'll lose my whole readership. I'll be looking forward to your stock comments, though.

giovanna: You can make beef stock with roasted bones or unroasted bones. Your choice. For the latter, just add the bones to the pot on the stovetop. However, I prefer a richer, deeper flavor, so I roast them in the oven (375F for about 45 min.). Then, I dump the roasted bones into the pot, add water, and simmer on the stove.

VegYear: Potatoes? I had no idea--thanks for the tip. Maybe all the starch gives it good body. Also, I read somewhere that winter squash in veggie stock is good. I don't know about that.

adele: This is the problem with free exchange of information over the Internet. Our secret stock society is going to be found out.

Melissa: I think you've just created a whole new language. Carci. I like it! Is beef stock supposed to smell horrible? I like that, too. Then again, I love the smell of gasoline and lawnmowers.

April in CT: Good luck with your first-ever stock-making adventure. I'm so proud!

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