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March 24, 2009


Your spring cleaning was significantly more fun then mine - I took on our garage last weekend. Wow. now THAT was a project!

I don't remember the "before" picture, but the "after" looks great!

I see, I see. Cleaning the house? I will resist with everything in me. Cleaning my blog? Always a fun task.

Melissa: It's so much more satisfying and longer lasting.

Julia: Thanks! I've been admiring your blog from afar for a while now.

Cindy: Ah, but that's a worthwhile project in that you end up with all kinds of space. We really need to tackle our basement someday. And by someday, I mean never.

At least you can open the windows in the spring without jacking your gas bill to high heaven. Open windows are more effective when the daphne's blooming.

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