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March 03, 2009


Also for the city slickers:
Somerville Maple Syrup Project - The Boil Down
Kicking off the 2008 season at the Somerville Community Growing Center…
The Somerville Maple Syrup Project will fire their sap into syrup at The Boil Down on Friday March 13 and Saturday March 14 from 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Everyone is welcome to stop by to learn about and taste the sap & syrup collected from Somerville trees.

Wasn't it *just* Maple Month? Where does the time go?

Even though intellectually I am aware that maple syrup comes out of a tree, it blows my mind that people who live in far cooler places than I can go see it happen! Cool. And Tammy, please keep the profanity coming. It makes me feel right at home.

Erin: I know, it's wild that trees can leak such deliciousness. One of my neighbors has a beautiful sugar maple in the front yard and I salivate every time I drive by.

Ed: Time just evaporates until you're left with nothing more than the thick, sweet release of death. (Enjoy your syrup!)

Cornelia: I knew there was something else I read somewhere--thanks for the reminder. Husband wants to know if you'll be tapping any of the coveted McGrath Highway maples.

Thanks for the mention of the Hardwick Sugar Shack, Tammy! We had some "Food on the Food" readers stop by--they are a hardy bunch since it was pouring rain this Sunday!

It looks like maple syrup season is over at the Hardwick Sugar Shack. The temperature is getting too warm, the sugar content is going down, and the sap changes flavor as the buds start to pop. Always a bittersweet time--I'm sorry to stop making syrup (we can never make enough), but I'm tired! Yup, could use a break and looking forward to all that spring brings next...

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