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March 17, 2009


Spinach is green. Stracciatella therefore qualifies as St. Patrick's Day food.

I was walking down Longwood Avenue in Boston last year, and suddenly a turkey appeared. She had turned a corner from one of the side streets and was just standing there on the sidewalk, about five feet ahead of me. Huge. She started to cross the street and then an even bigger male turkey came out from the same side street and followed her across the road. I knew that turkeys had reappeared in the suburbs, but I really didn't expect to see them in traffic in the medical district, walking around like they had an appointment to get to at the Brigham or something.

When I was working in Mattapan, the turkeys would walk all around our building and hang out in the parking lots. Often the male turkeys would attack their own reflection in the chrome bumpers of the pickup trucks there. They would also puff themselves up at the sight of their own reflection in the glass windows at the front entrance of our building.

Beautiful birds, but not much upstairs.

One of the best sitcom moments of all time involves the confusion re: turkeys and their ability to fly.


Love to try this soup. Turkey stock will make a difference..

Nokia: I think so, too.

WKRP: I'm curious to know what happened before that famous line was said, although I can guess the outcome. I just learned that turkeys roost in trees at night. Hopefully, not all on the same branch. The one I saw looked hilariously huge up there, especially with no leaves on the trees.

Husband: They are the beta fish of the bird world.

pyewacket: I had no idea! Though it was only a matter of time before word of Boston's quality medical care trickled down to the turkeys. Now I'm never going to be able to get an appointment.

adele: I was hoping you would say that. Husband made corned beef and cabbage just in case.

That's hilarious! Thanks to the WKRP show (it was ridiculously funny. They were dropping live turkeys from a small plane or helicopter as a Thanksgiving event and the turkeys are plummeting to their deaths.) I honestly thought turkeys couldn't fly.

And I've seen wild turkeys, but only in rural areas. How fun they came to your house!

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