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March 05, 2009


Are ya kidding? We've got plenty of gas down here in DC, but it's still 34 deg and frosted like an oatmeal cookie! New mantra: It'll be 65 on Saturday...It'll be 65 on Saturday...

Mmm... soup.

The weather exasperates me. Even if it does mean I'll be able to squeeze in a braised duck dish before spring.

I want someone with a food blog to write a post exclusively on homemade stock. Not what ingredients go into it, because I'm sure there are plenty of recipe books with that information. But how one lives a life that involves homemade stock being in your refrigerator or freezer. This is a serious question because every time I read a recipe that has homemade stock in it, I want to bang my head on the counter. I currently do not live that life, and do not understand how to transition.

apropos of nothing...

Just thought I'd emerge from lurker status for a moment.


One of the happiest days in my life was the day I realized that a cheese-covered crouton needn't be limited to French onion soup. I have many new favorite soups ever since that day.

Soup is great ANY time of the year...especially if it's onion! And I'm not stressing over the home-made stock thing as I take plenty of help from the store. ;-)

Edie: Nothing wrong with that.

Heather: Which makes today the happiest day of MY life. Bless you, and bless the cheese-covered crouton.

Tim: Hi lurker! Glad you're still lurking about. Thanks for the clip--I do like me some mole. Baila!

Stock Novice: Wish granted. I shall post something hopefully this week. It's mainly a mental transition, but it's a transition nonetheless. Stay tuned.

adele: That was a nice weekend, wasn't it? And, let me guess, today we're back to cold. (Braised duck is a most excellent consolation prize.)

Jess: "Frosted like an oatmeal cookie" had me at that part.

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