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March 31, 2009


Wow, you ought to be puking in no time.

That is so cool! I get about 3 morels in the garden a year, but this looks way more fun.

What do you do with them in the winter? Put them in the garage? Will they over-winter? I've always wanted to try this, but, like you, was afraid I would just kill them. Keep us posted!

I am a wretched gardener, I love mushrooms, I have tons of coffee grounds and I am SO excited about this. I may kill them all, along with my fantasy crops of tomatoes, lettuce, peppers and herbs...but maybe not?

Have you colored in the coloring book yet? :0) I am very intrigued by this whole process. I grabbed a bag of used grounds from Starbucks once, but had no idea what to do with it as my garden was already settled so I gave it to a friend. Now I'll know better! Looking forward to your results.

Jen: I don't know where my coloring book ended up. I think the kids stole it. Brats.

annie: I really hope this works so that we non-gardeners can find our places, too. It's lonely here in the shade.

Sally: That's a good question. I'll have to find out about that. I suspect they do overwinter since wild mushroom mycelia stick around as long as there are nutrients in the ground to sustain them, though maybe they don't fruit in the wintertime.

Julia: Three morels are better than none!!! How cool!

Karen: We can only hope.

do you have pics of how coffee grounds looked at 3 weeks? did you get oysters to grow?

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