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March 22, 2009


I barter babysitting for massage! Best trade ever. I'm also about to barter putting a garden in to my friend's yard for art.

We give fruit from our trees to our favorite bread baker at the farmers market. We're just trying to offload the overload, but he always slips us a couple of croissants or something.
And it turns out his pastry chef uses our pears in tarts for sale! So we could accidentally buy back our free overload food.

"Only if I can sell some of this goddamned mastodon" You are HILARIOUS!

I barter! I give my hair stylist energy drinks I market in exchange for a hair cut. It works out very well.

I love your take on prehistoric social interaction.

As a grad student who never learned to drive, I routinely use baked goods or the promise of a real, home-cooked meal to bribe friends with cars to help me move heavy things. It works out pretty well.

I've been hearing more and more about this and think it's great. My one issue is that I don't feel skilled enough at anything I make to consider it "barterable." Still, soup is pretty hard to screw up too badly, so perhaps I'll take a stab at a Soup Swap!

There is always some of that going on, small scale. As in, my neighbor gave me some peaches from her tree and I made her some of my famous peach cobbler.

Of course, now that I am at school (I'm a culinary school student), I've got a lot of goodies to trade.

Everybody wins!

Best thing about barter... NON-TAXABLE! I barter work skills for people who have work skills I don't have all the time for my small business. Works great.

(If someone who knows tax law comes at me with "barter is too taxable", then I'm pretending I don't read this blog anymore)

That would actually be awesome, with food. If I knew people geographically close to me that would want to do that! Dammit.

Melissa: I find I don't often have too much in the way of surpluses. But maybe it's because I'm not trying hard enough.

Sis: I'm afraid I may have just lost you as a reader because a little bird just told me that bartering is, in fact, taxable. Although I have to say that the government getting between me and somebody else's jar of pickles strikes me as a bit ludicrous. Or a pint of frozen soup. Perhaps there's a $$ minimum before you have to report your trades? Or perhaps you can pay your taxes in cookies? Or maybe I'll just pretend like I never wrote this post. (Adele, are you studying tax law?)

CookingSchoolConfidential: Yes, fresh peaches are a treasure indeed. How nice that you've struck such an arrangement.

Gail: Are you local? There's a Soup Swap in Inman Square in Cambridge this weekend: http://www.homegrown.org/events/inman-square-soup-swap-ii-at

adele: That is a great idea as having a car in the city is often more trouble than it's worth.

Jacquelyn: Tell me, does she drink the energy drinks before or after the haircut? And how does it come out?

Mary: Mastodon is the cave man's zucchini.

CC: Very cool. I'm still jealous of your pear tree.

Sarah: Those are some excellent trades! Wow. I think I need to make friends with some artists and masseuses.

I'm not giving legal advice. Tortes, not torts, and all that.

That said, from what I gathered from tax law, technically, yes, barter is taxable (it's called "exchange in kind.") But the IRS cares more about the carpenter who needs a new pickup truck cutting a deal with the car dealer who's making renovations on his home.

If the IRS had the time and manpower to worry about your pickles being traded for cookies, the deficit would be one hell of a lot smaller.

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