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February 10, 2009


Repeat after me: Cheesecake is NEVER passe. Whoever said that probably thinks creme brule is pedestrian and prefers caramel whiffs with espresso foam.

And thank you! I've been looking for a goat cheese cheesecake since I had it at Founding Farmers in October!

Somehow, I find that my most well-received dishes tend to be the ones that are improvised on short notice. It makes me wonder if I should give up on actually planning meals.

The idiots who think cheesecake is passe should be sent to their rooms with no dessert.

Serendipitous Cheesecake would be an excellent band name.

hey - can you drop an email to me?

Cheesecake going out of style! Never! How do these rumors get started?

Cheesecake has been with us since the early Greeks, why would anyone say that it is passe.

Cheesecake will always be delicious. Never say it that cheesecake is passe.

Banyan was on my lap when I typed in your URL. As soon as the photo came up he said "My want that".

Me too Ban... me too.

They were sooooo good that I commanded Tammy to make more.

After she punched me, she actually did! Hooray!

This looks sososo! GOOD! I've been looking all week for desserts that incorporate goat cheese. I work with Chavrie (the pyramid-shaped fresh goat cheese) and like to try out new recipes... Especially desserts! Thanks for the great recipe.

That is just delicious looking! I love goat cheesecake, and those preserves look amazing.

I saw you on tastespotting, in case you did not. Tastespotting LIVES!

I have a pkg of cream cheese that somehow appeared in my fridge and a friend just sent a belated xmas Dean & Deluca's box of cheese - including a triple cream goat cheese. I think that the Meyer lemons have found a new friend...Can I halve the recipe you think? Make in muffin cups? Oooh how about those yummy Carr's biscuits for bottoms?

Adele is onto something. Serendiptous Cheesecake would be a smokin' band I'm sure.

Yum! I do love me some goat cheese and cheesecake! Goat cheese cheesecake might be the perfect dessert. Here's an idea--make the crust out of gingersnaps. Bet that would be nice with the tang of the goat cheese:)

Question: Is it considered eating local if you live in a tent in the parking lot of Dean & Deluca? Just wondering...

Jenni: Local can be whatever you want it to be! That's the beauty of it. Gingersnaps would be lovely. Also, almond biscotti.

jacqueline church: It can definitely be halved. I only had enough cheese to make 4 little cheesecakes originally, so I doubled it and retested it for the recipe above. Mmmm, Meyer lemons!

Alyson: Yay! They finally took pity on me.

lisaiscooking: The preserves ARE amazing. Sunshine in a jar. I stir them into yogurt, too.

corrinnej: I know the goat cheese of which you speak. Tasty stuff. Thanks for stopping by.

Husband: Between the two of us, we ate a shameful amount of cheesecake.

Sis: The boy has good taste. Bet this would be good with some of that Surfing Goat cheese on the island.

Katie: I'm glad you feel that way, too.

Andy: I think "timeless" is the better word for it, don't you?

Kalyn: The buck stops here with the rumor mill. CHEESECAKE LIVES!! (4eva)

Sarah: Thank you!!!

Ed: Not if I was the lead singer.

Adele: That's right. They would totally deserve it. The insolence!!!

Jess: You're welcome. I'm so not into the foam thing.

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