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February 16, 2009


I've never grown any - but I've wanted to. The kits look really easy. What the hell - give it a try. At the very worst, they won't come up. And the best would be that your yard becomes a veritible forrest of shitake mushrooms! Woo hoo!!

I've never tried, curious though. If you do try please, please, keep us posted on the experiment.

I've been tempted to try one of the pre"seasoned" logs you can buy. Not tempted enough to, you know, get off my butt and order one, but tempted enough to think about it.

Good luck! I hope you do give it a try because I'd love to hear how it goes!

Go for it! I have that book (it's a whopper) and was completely overwhelmed by the level of complexity - the lengths that mushroom people go to rivals those of Linux programmers or record collectors.
An inoculated log may be a good way to start, but it does take patience. Sometimes you won't get a crop for a year (sometimes within 6 weeks). Morels are apparently quite easy to grow (and yummm!)
Good luck. Also see TED talk on "6 ways mushrooms can save the world)

Um, I really really loved this post but after reading the comments I am stunned - STUNNED - to find out one can GROW morels when my dad took us on forced marches every spring of my life to find them. I was terrible at spotting morels and think I've found, like, two, in my entire life, and those were entirely be accident.

I've grown shiitakes and they are very easy to grow once you get the logs inoculated. They produce well in the spring and fall when temps are a little cooler. They love shady moist spots.

I vote that you try, if only because I can't wait to see the writing that will come out of it. :P

From a likelihood of entertaining blog fodder perspective, it's a brilliant idea. From a health/safety/avoiding explosive vomiting perspective, perhaps not so much. But as a reader, I fully support you making decisions based on what will be most entertaining to me.

My husband tried growing "medicinal" mushrooms under his bed when he was a teenager. A year later he finally went to the doctor for a hacking cough that wouldn't go away - instead of under his bed, he was growing mushrooms in his lungs! An antibiotic took care of it eventually. I tell you this to amuse, not to discourage, although I guess this means you probably shouldn't get any starter fungi going indoors, pre-growing season. Good luck!

You and I were definitely separated at birth. I have never wanted anything more than to grow my own veggie/herb garden but my black thumb kills anything it touches (including a cactus). Only thing that has survived me is sage, mint and basil. So this sounds right up my alley as well. Perhaps I'll go try it too and we can have dueling blogs :-)

Fascinating - I should take a cue from your idea. We live in the Pacific Northwest and mushrooms grow like weeds here. My biggest problem is identifying them since many are poisonous. I once came home to find a petite, old Asian lady picking mushrooms in my front yard/forest area, and then suddenly realized, "there's gold in them weeds".

Erica: I know what you mean about the scary poisonous mushroom thing. It's a mistake you can't really afford to make even once. I'll keep you posted.

Katie: I would like nothing more. Will you be bringing the wine?

Sara: Wow. Who knew that human lungs were their preferred growing environment! You've definitely convinced me that this will be strictly an outdoor endeavor.

Ariel: That's the spirit! I like to think I would use good judgment in the process, but I guess we'll find out.

adele: Me, too! Plus I'm just really, really curious to see if there's anything I can grow. Anything at all.

Molly: Very good to know. Shiitakes are at the top of my list so far.

Courtney: I'm so jealous of your childhood death marches now that I'm sitting here as an adult. As a kid, I'm sure I would have hated them, too. My grandfather used to force my dad to go mushroom hunting with him, and now he can't even look at a mushroom.

Cornelia: I just got the book and it IS huge. Haven't cracked it open, yet. The cover is also very intimidating (not a good sign), but I will persevere.

Whatacard: Well, I certainly hope to tempt you further. Wish me luck.

Elizabeth: Most definitely. I can't keep that kind of shit to myself.

Sally: Seriously, my yard is like a mushroom paradise, all ferns, woods, and decay. Send good gardening vibes my way! I'll need them.

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