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February 12, 2009


It's like brand loyalty humanized.

Great quote!

As far as eating Cubans: that kind of cannibalism is so not local, unless I suppose they immigrated to the Boston area. They should be eating Cambridgeans or something else instead.

Mmmm Cubano.

Nice article.

We just had Cuban sandwiches for lunch yesterday! Haven't even blogged about it yet.

I thought I'd let you know that I recently discovered you (though I'm sorry to say I can't remember how I was referred here). I appreciate your writing a great deal and have made my way through your archives.

In doing so, I read for the first time about CSAs and became enamored with the idea. I had hoped to join one for this year but unfortunately the ones near me were filled up by the time I checked. Perhaps next year I won't be left out in the cold.

Anyway, thank you for a continuing good read!

I would love to see you do a post in which you tell us where to source all of the ingredients LOCALLY to make our own Cubano sandwiches.

Oh, and residents of Cambridge are Cantabridgians, not Cambridgeans. I think it has to do with Cambridge College (UK) teaching Latin.

VegYear: I'm on it!

Katie Rose: Thanks so much for your comment! I'm not sure if you're local to me or not, but there was an extensive list of CSAs in the Globe, many of which still have openings: http://www.boston.com/lifestyle/food/articles/2009/02/11/csa_farms_right_around_the_corner/

CC: There we go, channeling each other again.

Melissa: Thanks!

Tricia: Not to mention the implication that Cubans would taste better than other people. That's so racist. We're all the same on the inside.

I'll do you one better than a Cubano (and as a Cuban-American I'm more than a little bias)...a Monte Cubano. It's a cross between a Monte Cristo and a Cubano, so it gets dunked in an egg wash and grilled on the stove. It was on the cover of this month's Gourmet and it looks amazing...gonna try it this weekend. I'm sure the recipe is online...can you say yummm???

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