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February 20, 2009


I'm with you - just had this very conversation with a friend yesterday. Clementines may be the only thing that get me through the winter half-sane! Even Barbara Kingsolver welcomed a crate of Florida oranges during her "Animal, Vegetable, Miracle" year. And I will never (NEVER!) give up bananas.

You know... local in Maui rocks... even in winter. I've got a tangerine tree bursting with tangerine's right now. And strawberries... and avacodoes... lemons and limes... artichokes... beets... should I stop? Tempted?

I've tried to curb this evil, self-serving streak.


I won't even call myself a 'locavore' in deference to the *true* locavores, who deny themselves olive oil, chocolate truffles and black pepper. Why does this seem so virtuous? Must be my Yankee upbringing. In my head, I keep using the term 'mostly local' to describe my eating.. in my head, this translates as "mocavore"...which, of course, seems to mean something else entirely. Mmmmm... mocha.

Kaela: I like it. Mocavore. Mostly local, but with a hint of coffee and espresso. That's much more likely to go mainstream, I think.

Sis: You're preaching to the choir. I'm always tempted.

Karen: Well, if Barbara Kingsolver did it, then I'm okay. Phew. My kids love bananas, too, though I can do without them.

mocavore!! i love it!!!
being a "locavore" in Boston, in the winter is sooo difficult! especially if you don't eat animal products! makes me want to move somewhere warmer!

A girlfriend of mine just moved to San Francisco and now I can't stop myself from searching out all the great local food she can find. Between heirloom beans at Rancho Gordo, local citrus, and figs, olive oil, avocados.... sigh.

I love living in the Northeast, and living the 'mocavore' life has not been difficult this winter - but March, she is the cruelest month. And I just ran out of my canned, homegrown, fire-roasted tomatoes. July is seeming very far away.

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