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February 03, 2009


Mmmmm...I have 1 disk of Taza left, I have no idea why I didn't think of hot chocolate, so, thank you! I recently found this blog, and spent a good chunk of last night reading through your cookbook entries. I loved it. My family also came from Italy via New Haven, most of them are still there (while I am up here in non-Italian NH), and your pictures and stories reminded me so much of my family! I am looking forward to some free time to read more :).

Oh wow. My 6 year old would have given you some fierce competition for that pile of churros. We've been lucky enough to go to Mexico the past two years and visiting the churros man is one of his favorite activities. This year we're going to a new town and he is worried about finding a source for churros.

I'm not a big fan deep frying but I may need to try this out.

Churros y Chocolate era mi primero libro para Español tambien! Pero ahora yo no requerdo nadie. Solamente esso.

I can hold a minimal Spanish conversation so long as we only talk about what's happening right now. Seriously, all I remember of grade school and high school Spanish is the present tense. I had to look up the past tense of ser! *sigh*

You want to kick this up for adults? Add a dash of cayenne to the cocoa. oooohhhhhh

Oh, sweet! I didn't take Spanish. I took French, and this churro dough is very similar to pate a choux. You could use that same dough to make some crazy orange-scented eclairs!

At the restaurant I used to work at, I'd pipe pate a choux into curly cues, freeze them and then deep fry them. Then, we'd toss them w/cinnamon sugar w/a pinch of cayenne and dip them into chocolate-orange chocolate sauce. I dare anyone to throw those on the floor in disgust lol

churros y chocolate was my first spanish text too!

beth: Que bueno! They unwittingly raised a generation of churros-loving gringos.

Jenni: You're right, it's absolutely like choux paste. Those curly cues sound riquisimo. And thanks for the freezing tip--I never would have thought of that!

Jess: El presente es lo mas importante. El pasado no importa y el futuro no puedes predecir. Bien hecho! P.S. I'm with you on the cayenne. Next time.

Lisa: That photo is amazing. I can't imagine how good a churro would taste in Mexico. May this year's source be just as good.

Kristin: I'm so glad you enjoyed the family recipe posts. I had fun writing them. There's never a dull moment with Italians. I hope you enjoy the rest of your Taza chocolate in liquid form. I think that was the best hot chocolate I've ever had. It made our Ghirardelli cocoa taste like dirty dishwater.

too bad that I am not one of your neighbors!!

I took French but I was jealous of all my friends who took Spanish and got to use that book! I always thought they sounded so yummy... I've never been to Spain or Mexico (probably because I took French, duh) so maybe now I should finally try making them myself. Thanks for your fun blog--
sarabeth in somerville

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