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January 18, 2009


You sure don't have to convince *me*! Lard makes the absolute BEST pie crust. Ever. I also use it to make a suet bird feeder block thing. With peanut butter. It smells sooo good! DH wanted to lick the bowl, until I told him those crunchy things weren't nuts...LMAO!

I have been trying to find fresh lard ever since Lisa blogged about it at Homesick Texan but I can't find it anywhere. I do have a small stash of rendered bacon fat but not sure bacon flavored pie is my thing. Lucky you!

I tell you, that pie crust was the best crust I have ever eaten. If the pie was 100% crust I would've eaten it with just as much enthusiasm.

Lard rules!

Must be a "Katie" thing because I've got a stash of rendered bacon fat as well! I keep it for sauteeing onions, veggies, etc. that will be part of a bigger picture. But no doubt, lard is the WAY to go for crusts. And if I can add one more item to this already luscious list, it would be duck fat. Everything is better fried in duck fat. Period.

I would inhale that crust!

that pie crust is divine!

I was licking my computer screen, starting with the fruit compote dripping out of the gorgeous lardy pie crust... up until the raw chicken. I stopped licking at that point. Then scrolled up and licked some more. I want pie. When are you coming to visit?

That close up of the wee jam-filled pie-let was enough to get me! The fat in lard is made of huge crystals--hence the flakiness. But enough about science. What I wanted to say was that a friend on Twitter told me she pops her popcorn in bacon fat. Now that, people, sounds like a PLAN!

Where is this farm? I'm sure I know someone with a license and a Zipcar account who will drive me out there if I bribe them with pie.

In the meantime, I have a container of rendered duck fat in the freezer, and I've been wondering if I could make pastry with it...

adele: Yes, I've heard you CAN use duck fat for pastry and that it's quite delicious, but I always end up frying potatoes in it, instead. As for the lard farm, if you come out on the Pike and take 128 north, getting off at Waltham, you can hook around to Rt. 117 after the light and take that all the way into Concord. You take a right on Sudbury Rd., then a left on Wheeler Rd. You pass Verrill Farm and continue past some fields, and on the left are some white barn buildings where you park. There's a small blue door that says CHICKEN, and that's where the self-serve area is. Or, alternatively, I can pick some up for you the next time I go. I'll make an announcement before my next trip.

Jenni: You just about blew my mind with the bacon fat popcorn idea. This will require some investigation.

Sis: That's right, we wouldn't want you to get computer-induced salmonella. That's what peanut butter is for!

MsGourmet: Thanks! I want more.

Melissa: So light and crispy, you practically can inhale it. (cough)

KatieP: No argument here about the duck fat. I haven't made a duck since Christmas 2007, so I've emptied my reserves. Perhaps it's time to invest in a gun for my bike rack?

Husband: Next up, lard-fried churros!

Katie: Although I might not mind a bacon-flavored crust for some kind of savory breakfast tart. Still, I agree that the fruit pies would do better with the neutral flavor of lard.

Sally: I had heard whisperings about it, but I think it should be shouted from the rooftops.

Lard makes the best pie crust, but of course the supermarket stuff is terrible. I'll have to get out to Concord.

Got a nice jar of duck fat while in Montreal this weekend. Some lard would make a perfect counterbalance, don't you think?

I tried making a pie crust with lard and the results were not great - the crust tasted off. I felt like I'd failed the blogosphere and modern foodie scene for not liking it. Maybe it was just bad lard? [just saw pyewacket's comment when I reloaded the page - I'm pretty sure my mom had bought grocery store lard, so maybe that's why we didn't like it]

Tricia: Lard does have a different flavor than butter, but maybe the lard was past its prime and had turned a bit rancid. I put the rest of mine in the freezer until I get around to making those churros.

pyewacket: I'll let you know when I make a run.

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