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January 07, 2009


You are completely ahead of me in getting your kids to love homemade soup. I've got two Campbell's lovers, and I'm on your side there. I just blogged about my son's reaction to an amazing broccoli soup and homemade cheesse cracker dinner I made two days ago. He actually gagged! How'd you do it?? How'd you get your kids to love homemade??

I have loved soup from a very young age. I think it stays with you. Yes, my parents started me off with Campbells (tomato, with a grilled cheese sammitch on the side to dip in it) but I progressed to Tabachnik 'cause they have matzoh ball soup. Now I turn leftovers into soup most chances I get. Cream soups, green soups, spicy soups, coconut milk soups, chowders... Kids learn to love the food their parents cook -- as long as their parents encourage them to try stuff.

Just keep feeding those kids soup, they'll be 8 feet tall and rocket scientists!

We're having a Soup Swap and you HAVE TO be a part of it (pleezpleezpleez). We're hopefully holding it a bar that has live bluegrass music and good beer on tap. There are big plans for French Onion, Oxtail and Wedding soup already. Please?!?! http://homegrownorg.ning.com/group/soupswap2009

Kettle Cuisine is great. 'nough said.

Campbell's is disgusting, and not even fit for saucing a casserole. Also, I support your contempt for sample ladies, even if she won that round. Homemade is the way to go.

Oh - my kids (ages 5 and 9) JUST asked me to buy chicken and stars last weekend - I have no idea how they even know it exists! The older one who eats almost anything, loves soup - the younger one wouldn't even eat soup if it was Chocolate Soup - he is against soup on principal!

I freakin love soup. Like mad. I'm glad you got your boys to like it - it's been a bit of an effort for me with Steve and he's 33. Heh.

I will make note of the brand and look for it next time I go to WF. I haven't bought canned soups in a very long time, for the same reasons you don't I'm sure, so I will trust you on this one.

And you are so a good cook! Why? Because I said so, young lady!

Melissa: Apparently I have succeeded in fooling you all!

monica: I know what you mean. My oldest was staunchly anti-soup for 5 out of his 6 years. I don't know what happened to change his mind, but I do still plan on taking credit for it.

Heather: Wow, soup snob AND casserole snob. Impressive!

pyewacket: Figures you already knew about them.

Cornelia: Soup swap? Interesting idea. I usually try to be as antisocial as possible, but I just might have to break policy for this...

NurseJen: But if they become taller than me and smarter than me, then how will I rule this household with an iron fist? Perhaps I was wrong about soup after all. No more soup!

Michelle: Here's my secret: 1) Repetition; 2) Eliminate the competition. I kept giving them soup, pretending I didn't care about whether they ate it or not, and eventually they came around on their own. It took forever, but I guess they figured that was all they were ever going to get. Now, with Campbell's in the picture, who knows. I'll keep you posted.

Ha! I'm not a very good cook either, but soups are stupidly easy (at least, some of them...).

I have one kid who likes soup and one kid who only eats bread and runs screaming at the sight of soup. Do you think that it would work if I start calling soup "bread"?
And if it's illegal to trash talk Campbell's, I'll gladly go to jail with you for that one! (But then what would my kids eat? Campbell's?)

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