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January 09, 2009


Congratualtions. I really enjoy your blog.

Run with it...the only offers I get are "write for free" as well, with the added bonus of "there may be free bottles of wine on occasion" at best!!

That's awesome. Can't wait to read more!

Yaay for getting paid for writing. Isn't it great. You're going to be a great addition there.

wow. i can't even imagine what it is like to get PAID. your blog is incredible, looking forward to reading more.

Yea! Twice the Tammie! (Whoa - just had a flashback to the Globe fiasco.)

Anyway, glad to see your new gig and I'll be sure to follow along there, too. Too bad you have to register to comment over there. I am totally too lazy to register on sites.

Nice. They'll keep you around if they have any sense - you're damn good at being funny.

Tammy - that is friggin fantastic! Congrats!

Aren't Confederate dollars American too?

Barry Foy: Crap, you're right. Can you even buy anything with Confederate dollars these days? Actually, don't answer that--this is not going in a good direction.

sarah: Thanks! I'm gonna be RICH!

adele: Care to start a betting pool? No wait. Don't encourage me.

andrea: That's okay, you can just comment here. We wouldn't want FotF to get jealous of BlogHer. It's getting really loud in my brain as it is.

sheena: Thanks! I used to know what it was like to get paid for writing, but that seems like another lifetime ago.

Kalyn: Thanks for making me feel welcome!

Melissa: As always, thanks for your support!

Katie: I know. And what's also interesting is that the sites offering to pay you nothing take in ad revenue, so somebody's getting paid. Someone once offered me $5/post. Nice try, I said. I'll stick with food stamps.

Mellisa W: Thanks so much for commenting!

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