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January 05, 2009


You rock! I saw this on a butcher's holiday meat/roast list. We went with Capon instead. You may have me convinced to try it myself.

This week we have a bone in shoulder. Love me my braises...

Did a version of the lemon chicken on Saveur's cover last night, so good. I just realized you're not showing up on my feed reader. Will remedy immediately.

Hope all is well and Happy New Year!


That really sounds good Tammy. I love a good pork roast and I'm going to try to do what you've done here - open up the roast and use a rub inside and out. Thanks so much for the idea.

Isn't that the most absolutely fabulous recipe? I think we make it even more often than the famous chicken and bread salad. And I've tried a few other people's porchetta recipes (I'm looking at you, Molto Mario) and they just don't compare... Zuni's is the bomb.

Mmm. I've eaten Roman-style porchetta, which is a giant sandwich of pork slices cut from an entire roast pig (it's quite the sight), but I'm not familiar with this variety. I finally found a real butcher, so I might give this a shot.

Yaaay. Can't wait to read your posts at BlogHer. Welcome!

Three-and-a-half pounds--talk about stinginess! If you'd used a bigger piece of pork, you could have sent me some.

Barry: Transcontinental pork is the best kind of pork.

Kalyn: Thanks. Guess I better get cracking then.

adele: I believe the shoulder roast is just a streamlined version of a whole pig roast. Something adapted for the home cook. But a whole Italian porchetta is something I need to see before I die.

Anita: Yes, it was great! That's the first recipe I've tried out of that book. I'll have to try the chicken and bread salad next.

Sally: You're welcome. Let me know how it turns out.

Jacqueline: I love me some braises, too. Short ribs this weekend. Happy New Year to you.

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