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January 28, 2009


I love beets, in all their splendor, and will suffer pink hands any day of the week to eat them. This sounds divine (despite the cilantro, which I will substitute with parsley.)

I gotta ask -- are those *meatballs* on the plate? RAW meatballs? (or are they cooked?) No disrespect to your photography mind you; it may just be the glory of magenta outshining the meat...

Here's my favorite way to eat beets: http://verbatim.blogs.com/verbatim/2005/02/roasted_beet_sl.html

I'm with NurseJen - I love beets prepared any way, any day. I haven't grown beets in a few years. I may have to re-think that decision.

I share NurseJen's view - beets good, cilantro bad. May subject my next round of hapless dinner guests to underloved root vegetables.

I love beets. I usually pressure-steam 3"-4" beets. Because Julia Child told me to. This might keep the beets from dying in each other's juices.

Beets are forbidden on the South Beach diet. Why?

Isn't that the best book? If you haven't already tried the Simple Cabbage Stir Fry , make it now!! If you can handle having any more cabbage in your house. And it never would have occurred to me that the golden beets would be dyed by the red ones, I just would have thought I fucked it up.

I love beets. I grow them in the summer and lucky for me my husband is not a fan so I get to eat them all yay!

And Oh yeah I've bookmarked making beets this way!

Mary: Lucky you! So I guess I'm the only one with a problem with the staininess. I knew it.

Erin: I love that book so far. Everything I've made has been good. I'll definitely bookmark the cabbage stir fry--we are a house full of cabbage lovers.

Family Nutritionist: Well, if Julia Child said so, then one shouldn't argue. What do you think of pressure-cookers? I've never used one. As for beets being banned from the South Beach Diet, maybe it's the sugar? Seems petty, though. They're good for you.

adele: Root vegetables are most excellent. Your dinner guests will thank you. (P.S. I'm so sad everyone's hating on cilantro?)

Sally: I'm so jealous of your green thumbs. I've heard chioggia beets are amazing.

Karen: Roasting them is divine. No argument there.

NurseJen: Yes, those are meatballs. You caught me! But at least they had some Indian spices in there. And they were NOT raw, although I have to admit they look totally disgusting in that picture, like they weren't browned at all, which they were. I have no explanation.

My Presto is 20 years old, on its 3rd gasket. It's great for 3-hour beans in 30 minutes. And beets in 20. Because they taste better than canned. I have ignored the amusing from-the-60's recipes it came with.

I don't ever food photos unless I have leftovers and a spare afternoon. It is that hard to get a good photo. So I'm not criticising

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