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December 07, 2008


OMG. Are my husband and your husband somehow related?

Your husband is the same person as my best friend and roommate. Who, today, suggested that if I wanted to preserve house food for myself, that I consider using his camping bear canister.

Also, also: I can not wait to make this. It makes the pizza we just ordered a hopelessly inadequate and distant second choice. And despite the fact that I just did my grocery shopping, I'm going to schlep over there tomorrow because I MUST HAVE THIS SOUP NOW.

Add tortilla strips in batches, frying until golden. Drain on paper towels. Salt well and set on top of one of the blades of the motionless ceiling fan.

Funny damn recipe.

Your BFF and I have nearly identical chicken tortilla soup recipes. Awesome. I feel validated for today. Heh.

Your husband... man, I could see me or Steve doing something like that. Too funny.

If not, please deposit your unwanted turkey carcasses in my mailbox

I would kill to have my turkey stock all over again. I already used it all. So.Good.

I haven't made turkey stock yet, today (and yesterday and sunday) is veal stock. We are down to three pints.

Next weekend was going to be bread but now is sausage. Then bread, unless the fowl stock situation reaches emergency levels.

The sausage is important as I'm out of just about everything and we want to make a weekly hearty soup. Bean, pea or lentil. While I've various pork bone, skin or bacons to flavor said soups we do like some meat in them.

Thank you for the serious giggle. It's nice to know that my husband and I are not the only ones who have episodes like this. Although our current episode involves me baking Christmas cookies for his clients as fast as I can and him eating them all as fast as he can.

And oh yeah, this soup looks fabulous and I'm bookmarking it!

I've got a recipe you can steal for your blog if you want. I'd like someone else to try it to know if it's written clearly enough.

Thank you for the recipe for optimal marital health. As i am recently engaged, I am sure I will need it quite often(!)

sunny12: Many congrats!! Tortilla soup is definitely the answer to a happy marriage. Nobody gets divorced in Mexico.

JasonTromm: Mmmmm, cider glaze. Looks good!

Mary: I'm familiar with that Christmas cookie dynamic. Except with us, it's me eating them as fast as I can while Husband looks on in disgust.

ntsc: You're so organized! I can see why you would want to keep the stock, sausage, and bread in perfect balance now that we're into soup season.

Melissa: Used all your turkey stock already? I'm very impressed.

CC: See, you totally wrote it better than I did. Want a job?

Jeena: I'm pretty sure this soup would work with roommates, too. Good soup makes everyone a little more forgiving.

Sis: It seems like your husband's pranks always end with a cold bucket of water being dumped on top of you, so I pray to god they're not.

I just needed to report back that I FINALLY got a chance to make this soup and now I need to make it all the time because it is really fantastic! Thank you so much--I can't wait to make this for my family when I visit them next week!

The only thing that I wasn't sure about was how much chicken breast to use --I used three boneless skinless ones and there were about two too many which makes me think that I did something wrong there. Did you use about a pound of chicken? (Because I think I tried to use two pounds, which is fine, because now I have nicely braised chicken to shred and use in tacos or something.)

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