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December 11, 2008


I'd like to sign up to be the PR person who gets humored in 2009, please.

As far as burns go, I once took a sheet tray out of an oven not realizing that there were two pans stacked together. The top one slid off and provided me with a nasty burn on the inside of my arm. Sizzled like a sausage. I put on one of those weird moist bandages and you know I barely have a scar any more.

Hmmm, make you sick?

Good. Pass the burnt sugar ice cream then please!

When I was making popcorn balls with a friend around Halloween, I accidentally poured molten caramel on her hand. She has a scar. I still feel guilty.

Didn't your mom ever teach you that the most effective treatment for caramel burns is to put ice cream on them?

This ice cream is DELISH! And well worth the risk!


P.S. The best ever thing for burns is to pour apple cider vinegar over it immediately - stops stinging and no blistering!

Oh, Burnt Carmel and Ginger Snap Molassas are my FAVORITES at Toscaninis!!!
Love them! Love them!!! Want some now. Got the kid an ice cream maker for the holiday - cant wait to try this!

monica: You're the best mommy!

Linda: Very good to know. I'll try to remember that.

Barry: Mmmmmm, burnt skin ice cream!

adele: Well, that's one way to test the bonds of friendship! But now you know you have a friend for life.

Lily VS: Human flesh should never sizzle like a sausage. And now I'm going to resume the fetal position.

Flak Attack: You're totally grandfathered. WordPerfect is soooooooo awesome. See? Do you even represent them anymore?

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