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December 31, 2008


Malt vinegar packets? What is the world coming to?! Happy New Year to you and your new hair cut:)

Packets just ensure that the vinegary goodness is preserved =)

Happy New Year, Tammy!

There's a pub in Boston that serves decent French fries? Real French fries? The kind that might possibly have the suggestion of beef tallow?

Please say yes. I'm really after chip-shop chips, but decent French fries are close enough.

Oh, right. Sorry. Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to you, too, Tammy. I need to find my own Niall for my yearly haircut. Ugh. And that malt vinegar fries thing must be an East Coast taste, huh?

Ah....the days of Niall....they were fabulous, weren't they? Still haven't found a replacement for him.

Happy New Year Whammy!

Happy New Year to you and your Haircut!

I love Bukowski's. I even have mug #180 - Tennessee Williams. And, as I was reading, I was thinking - the vinegar is in packets at the bar.

also, I have a pretty decent hairdresser in Winthrop (Aqua, Erica) who cuts for like $35. I use her when I can't get to my Niall (Warren) in New Orleans. Why I go to New Orleans for a haircut is another story entirely. But, Erica is pretty good. It's a pain to get to from the T but the parking is free if you drive.

Alyson: Hmmmm, I wonder if they've always had vinegar packets at the bar? I don't think I've ever sat at the bar. They always had bottles of malt vinegar at the tables for as long as I can remember. (P.S. Free parking might be enough to lure me to Winthrop for a haircut!)

Cottage Smallholder: My haircut thanks you and returns the sentiment!

Cindy: I miss the head massages the most (which came free with a $30 haircut, remember that?). Niall got too expensive and then I saw Alicia for years. That place was so awesome, I never missed a haircut. Oh well. Those days are long gone.

Sally: I think it's a British thing, but I have some traveling to do to confirm. It sure is tasty, though.

adele: Not sure about the tallow, but yummy, well-seasoned fries for not much money.

melch: That's right, to preserve freshness. I guess I shouldn't be resistant to all change.

Jenni: Thank you. Hope you had a good one!

Happy New Year, Tammy!

The problem I would have with malt vinegar packets would be the sheer number I would need to open. I find the little shake-top frustrating enough as it ease. A ladle would be easier.

pyewacket: Yes, I went through five or six packets myself. It's embarrassing to ask for more. Ladles are the answer.

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