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December 04, 2008


Holy pigs probably would be tasty. I was sorty of curious about how they sealed the edges to keep it the crumbs in. I've been Catholic for many many years and I've never had crumbs. They just sort of dissolve. And you're right, very styrofoamy.

And if it is made from anything but wheat, which causes real problems for some people, it won't turn into the body of Christ.

Then whose body does it turn into?

A few years ago at Christmas I decided, having visited Siena not long before, to make my own panforte di Siena (don't ask--I'll try anything once). My research revealed that communion wafers (unconsecrated, please--avoid using the Lamb of God as a pan liner whenever possible) often serve as the dry, nonsticky base for this confection. I thought they'd be hard to obtain, like maybe I'd need evidence of a miracle or something to buy them. But no, they were easily purchased right off the rack at my neighborhood Ecclesiastical supply store. Having grown up as an altar boy--when the Mass was still in Latin, you godless youngsters!--it felt odd to be messing with them in this way, but I ultimately managed to work through the existential weirdness. In the end, the panforte turned out surprisingly good. However, the normal individual-serving hosts proved difficult to work with, since the panforte is so gummy. My recommendation is to go for larger ones, like the priest uses for the Mass. Just thought you'd like to know.

It is so nice to hear someone else narrate my childhood back to me.

katie: Did you sing to the squirrels, too?

Barry: Very interesting! Since I don't know where my neighborhood ecclesiastical supply store is located, I found several online sources for communion wafers, my favorite being www.echurchdepot.com. But, dude, the Mass was really in Latin? My god, how old ARE you?

ntsc: Hmmmm, that's a good question. It would have to be a most unholy body, to be sure. Perhaps Paris Hilton? Although maybe that's overstating her importance.

Mary: Yeah, I remember the sides being kind of tapered off and tamped down. No crumbs at all. A miracle, really.

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