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December 27, 2008


I spent the whole Christmas day and the next in the hospital with my husband and baby daughter who started to have seizures on Christmas morning after being mildly sick for the few days before Christmas. After many tests, doctors concluded that her seizures were due to some kind of virus that she had. Now we are home and recovering. Sucks to be in the hospital on Christmas, but glad everything seems to be ok. Hope everyone else had a better time!

Ugh! You saw a stomach bug coming, not something so nasty it required an IV and antibiotics. I hope things have gotten better since. You deserve a really great New Year's Eve for that!

Oh dear! How horrible Tammy. I do hope Husband is on the mend. (As well as your little girl Molly.) It really does suck to be really sick - Christmas or not. We had an OK Christmas. Food, family and presents. The usual. I, too, will be glad when this year is over and we can once again see the backside of winter.

Awesome Cakemon skills!
Happy birthday, get well, better luck in the New Year, yadda yadda.

Believe me that Tammy's bedside manner does include periodic poking with a stick, but nearly enough to indicate compassion or empathy for the patient.

I did get juice this time.

Husband: Sorry about the stick. I assumed you were just being dramatic.

CC: Once again, Husband has proven where the real talent lies in this family. Happy New Year to you!

Sally: Everyone is doing much better. Yes, the backside of winter is indeed a beautiful sight. Come on over here, 2009. Don't be shy.

Sarah: Thank you for your sympathy. Here's my New Year's resolution: less whining on my blog! Hope you have a good one!

Molly: I think you win the award for most nerve-wracking Christmas. I'm so glad everything turned out okay. Here's to a healthy New Year!

The only differences were this time I didn’t pass out drunk and we ran out of cake

That was one of the earlier posts I read of yours. I'm surprised I didn't run away screaming heheh.

So sorry hub was that ill on the holiday. Not fun.

Actually, I believe the Japanese handed over all rights to Pokemon to the Americans. So all the new Pokemon (after second season) were created by Americans.

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