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November 30, 2008


I would definitely call you fun. So, for all that I'm not a definitive authority, and that I think fun is figuring out how to use agar agar in my spare time (I really will, one day!) and abusing tofu into ressembling food...

I do like the idea of evaluating the nutritiousness of relationships... I'll have to get cracking on this...

Okay, I couldn't resist a prompt like that. I based the standards for nutritious relationships on the food pyramid. Let me know of any possible revisions for greater accuracy!


If the Boston Globe insults you, doesn't that mean you've arrived? Or does that only happen if it's done by the New York Times?

Adele: Just the NYT. Or at least the Globe would have to insult me a lot worse than that.

Lina: You call me fun because you've never met me. As for your Relationship Pyramid, that is an unbelievable amount of analysis. Very interesting. I'll have to give this some more thought.

Congrats Bacon Tammy! Michael Prager did us both justice. I thought for sure he would portray us to be two crazy food-loving girls named Tammy who almost had to make-out with one another. (Damn... we would have probably gotten more traffic that way)

Tammy, you introduced yourself in a college name-game as "tired tammy". I think that says it all.

HOWEVER, i'd definitely call you "fun". Girlfriend, I'll always call you "fun"


Congratulations on your two-year anniversary. I have been an avid reader and supporter of FOTF since those halcyon days of December 2006 and am glad you're finally being recognized for your consistently excellent writing. Normally I'd make some sort of acerbic observation here, but nothing comes to mind other than, way to be! I will even sign my real name.

congrats on making it to the terrible twos! can we expect more temper tantrums?

For what it is worth, I just discovered your great blog via the Globe article. As a local mother of two kids (boys under 3!)/cook/blogger/farm fiend I not only enjoyed reading your recent posts, but am laughing out loud-even from your explanation of the blog title. Only the mother of a former toddler would appreciate that "food" can not touch "food!" I look forward to more posts in the future.

Michele at Foodiemommy.blogspot.com

Good on you you crazy farmer stalking wench!
I sat here letting out quite a giggle when i read it in the Sunday paper.

Oh no no. You're not fun at all. I hate reading your blog. Sheesh.

Congratulations on the mention and on two years. I'm happy to have found you as long ago as I did.

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