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November 28, 2008


I think that this excerpt wins the Blog Pulitzer Prize 2008:

"In the reflection of the storm door, I caught a glimpse of what I’m going to look like 30 years from now, and the future’s not bright."

Fantastic article. It could happen to any of us!

Many thanks,

Oh Tammy. Haha. A morning full of insanity and still you make it funny. I am really happy for you that those walls were not damaged.

Happy (one day after) Thanksgiving!

Our friend Randy is one of the firefighters who responded. He called today to see how things were (what a guy!) and said we were the 4th house they had been to that day and that it was crazy busy for them all day. Lots of smoky kitchens on Turkey Day!

A big thanks to the Waltham Fire Dept and the firefighters who helped track down the source of the smoke. It was an interesting morning to be sure!

Well, that was a hell of a lot more exciting than anything we had here. Just the usual casseroles with a side order of racist palaver. Ahh, families.

Thank God that's all it was!! Yes, you definitely need to work on those fire drills. What if it really would have been an actual fire? Good lord!

Whew! Well, one thing you can say is you live an interesting life Tammy.

The Today Show said that Thanksgiving has the most kitchen fires than any other day of the year. I'm glad everything turned out ok.

Geez tammy, We saw the trucks driving away but we had no idea they were at your house!!! So good to know everyone is ok.

sarah: Yes, we're very relieved.

Mary: I'm not altogether surprised. It's probably the only day when nearly everyone cooks something.

Sally: My life is actually surprisingly unexciting, but I like it that way. And, yes, we will be practicing fire drills. I think next time we'll skip the shoes and coats dialogue.

Brian: Wow, I can't believe you guys didn't top that. I was sure you would. Glad we could take one for the team.

Husband: We'll be on a first-name basis with the entire fire department at this rate.

Melissa: Happy Thanksgiving to you, too!

Danny: You made my day. Thanks!

Thank God, Not much damaged. Glad to know everythink was ok.


Update: The fridge is fixed. The repair guy replaced the burnt-out part and everything is fine. Luckily the weather was cool enough that the front porch could serve as our refrigerator for a couple days.

I am thankful that I didn't have to fight the crowds at Best Buy to get a replacement!

So, Tammy, isn't this like visit #4 for the Waltham fire department to your doorstep? They may have your house # and photo pinned up at their station...

Glad everyone is safe and satiated on turkey.

A smokey broken fridge on Thanksgiving is definitely funnier than a simply broken fridge on a Sunday afternoon in September.
Just one of the reasons why your blog is so much more fun than mine.

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