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November 10, 2008


RECIPE, woman!

What's up with posting a photo like that and no recipe? Fork it over!

Ali in Maine

I'll give you a recipe:

2 turnovers
2 strong drinks
kids are asleep
Wife needs one of your letters bad. Really bad.

You do the math.

I was just going to say that it's cruel and unusual punishment to put such drool-worthy pictures (and I, having no recent dental work, have no excuse other than being tantalized by the yumminess) up without a recipe! But, apparently, other lovely readers have beaten me to it!

Oh dear. That's awful, but hilarious.

I have law students coming for dinner tomorrow. I haven't thought as far as dessert. The question is, do I like them enough to bake turnovers?

Adele: That is always the question, isn't it?

Joy: Sorry about that. I wasn't entirely sure I still had readers.

Husband: 70-point word!!!

Ali: Well, if you're going to ask me so politely!

Sarah: Okay, okay.

Did you sound retarded, or more like Blair's cousin Geri from "The Facts of Life," who was not retarded, but sounded retarded?

These look absolutely wonderful! The flavors sound incredible. Lovely!

Thank you later? I think I'll thank you now -- both for the hilarious story and the awesome recipe.

Of course you still have readers!! We think you are fantastic, even if we are quiet. Thanks for the recipe.. I have a weakness for cardamom!!

these are like an amped-up, more delicious version of a pop tart. yum!

Ohhhh, but dang. But dang! Turnovers are my kryptonite. These ones, with a dollop of creme fraiche. Apple ones with sharp cheddar (or conversely, a drib of dulce de leche). I'll give you a foot massage and everything.

holy shit that looks good! i know what i'm baking this weekend.

Katie: Hope you enjoy them!

Heather: Dulce de leche? Mother of god!

We Are Never Full: That's right. But so, so, so much better.

Joy: You're welcome. Cardamom has a special place in my heart, too.

Dana: Thanks for visiting!

Zoe Francois: Thanks for stopping by. Hey, I keep hearing great things about your bread book!

Everyone's a Winner: Sounded retarded, was retarded. It's all the same. Nothing inspires more confidence than a retarded person chasing you down shrieking that they're not retarded.

Interesting, very nice. Advice I read those articles and I decided to also contribute. I am of Slovak republic and I also site - a blog focusing on recipes for cooking. See. All good. Page to be translated through Google translate.

I made these today, they are gorgeous. I only got 8 though, do you actually measure your dough, 'cos you do know dontcha that there are saddos like me out here who will use their son's homework ruler just to make sure! Also I'm a brit so I have to convert cups and tbsp, so it's probably all wrong anyhow. I ate the first one about one second out of the oven I was so greedy, centre like molten lava - delish!

Well, I don't really view any human being as "retarded". Think it is an awful and stale old word. But that word aside, I guess that you by "retarded" refer to people with some type of developmental disability... I had no idea that human beings that may be categorized as such, sound a certain way...

Well, didn't fancy that story too much, but simply love your recipes, those pies etc. looks sooooo delicious... Looking out at my neighbor's rhubarb which is blossoming wildly, thinking that they should rather donate it all to me than let it stand there getting ruined... Heck, I could use some rhubarb pie with vanilla ice cream... Mmmmm.... Heavenly!!! :)

<3 this story.

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