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October 17, 2008


Phooey, I just placed this week's In Season order -- I could have gotten you some local garlic! Maybe next week?

I'm sorry you had a crappy spell, you're still doing an amazing job! I wouldn't even dream of taking on even a miniture version of an eat local challenge, so kudos to you for have the cajones to even try.

While this "eat local" challenge is admirable and all, don't get so pulled into the bullshit that you lose sight of what's really important - your family and yourself. You *love* cooking, Tammy. I've seen it in your posts. But when you get so tired and cranky that cooking is almost making you ill, then I say it's time to step back from the stove and take a break.

This "challenge" is merely the "challenge" of finding people around you who are doing/making the same thing some farmer in Chile does/makes and buying the local guy's products instead. It's not about denying yourself soy sauce (and thereby making your bok choy taste like shit) for Christ's sake!

I, for one, am just tickled to DEATH to be able to buy stuff that cannot be grown in Iowa. And by the same token, I am grateful for all the people in Japan who buy Iowa's corn and beans to help feed their families.

'Nuff said... and periods suck.

I, for one, cook like crap when I'm well and truly sour. If I'm a little down, a little ticked off, well then cooking soothes me. But when I'm pure venom? I should just stay out of the kitchen. Far away. I think one's mood can really affect their cooking. Some of my best dishes, the ones that have always won me praise, have come out inedible when I've tried to make them when I was having a bad spell.

Does "Eat Local" include take-out? You're supporting local business, after all...

I can't imagine life without garlic. Or really I don't want to. But I have discovered that I like bok choy roasted in the oven. Sounds crazy I know, but cut it in 8ths then drizzle with oil and generously salt and pepper it. Pretty tasty.

Ugh, I feel ya. 21 days out of the month I am fine with eating locally and am perfectly content to make do with beans, bacon, and beer. But then there are the other 9 or 10 days out of the month when I think eating locally is actually just really an eating disorder.

And quite frankly there have been times when I would trade my own dearest darling 92 year old Grandpa for a bar of chocolate.

Eh. You do what you can do. See you later on the sunny side of the street!

I give you high praise for doing what you're doing, but boy do you need a good backrub and some rest. I can feel your tension in your words and I wish there was something I could do to help take it away. Take it easy on yourself, sweet gal.

I think it is admirable to take this local food challenge so seriously. You are doing a good job and I'm sure it is tough.
Here's an easy and local meal with squash that is really good:
Bake halved, de-seeded butternut squash till tender in oven.
Fry up sausage (crumbled) and chopped apples. Scoop out squash flesh and mix with sausage and apples (you can drizzle a little maple syrup over the mix too). Put mix back in squash shells and heat up in oven for a few minutes (or not).
I just serve this with what ever greens I have around--lettuce or wilted braising greens or sauteed collards.

I'm impressed by your determination. I'm sorry it's been a lousy day.

Could you use thinly sliced bok choy in a pasta dish with sausage? It's a relative of cabbage, isn't it?

Thanks, everyone. I sure appreciate all your nice comments and e-mails, and the recipe ideas are getting the stuck wheels turning again. Molly, that squash recipe sounds fantastic. Mary and Adele, thanks for the bok choy ideas.

I hope to be returning to the sunny side of the street shortly!

I recommend local beer. Lots of it.

And you could throw the bok choi, sliced, into chicken stock. Make dumplings with the pasta dough. No soy sauce needed.

You win. I'd have reached for the soy sauce. In fact this year I did for a dish of fried rice. Your crappy day had a great payoff with the my precious line though. I know I was supposed to be having great empathy but I laughed. Sorry.

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