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October 10, 2008


Heee! I'd of just left it there.

"We have an equal proportion of nice neighbors to weird neighbors. It’s hard to tell who’s who sometimes."
And the ones bowling pumpkins would be ...?

Ha! It's exactly like that kid's story James and the Giant Peach! That's all I could think about reading your story. I was hoping your squash would make it to the ocean...

This is sooo true! But you probably have to know Waltham to really picture this special neighborhood blend! And I would have loved to see your squash rolling down Plympton Street (that's where we had lived 4 years ago)! Happy belated birthday by the way...

It sounds like you've hit upon a New England version of cheese-rolling.

The question is, can you get several hundred people to chase the squash down the hill?

Hahahahahah!!!! Ahhhhh! Hahahahahahahhaha!

Lily VS: Are you drunk again?

Adele: Only if we fill it with Snickers bars.

houllie: Ah, Plympton St. Nice neighborhood, and lots of hills, too. You can hardly blame the squash for wanting to be FREE!

Mary: Maybe the Charles River if he's really unlucky.

Jennifer Juniper: Exactly!

Sally: I was worried there would be some kind of squash-related accident and somehow they would be able to trace it back to me. Now I know. Nobody gives a crap.

I'm amazed your husband's discarded dunkin' donuts cups didn't slow the squash's momentum enough for you to catch it.

Touche, Jennifer Juniper. Hahaha.

I would have been laughing my ass off.

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