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October 27, 2008


I can personally vouch for Pekarski's kielbasa and breakfast sausage. YUM! And Raye’s Mustard. is a great compliment to it. My favorite is the Winter Garden.

And while I haven't had Chef Myron's Yakitori Sauce on bok choy, I can say that it is delicious and versatile.
Ali in Maine

I will be driving by Pekarski's and very close to all these other places at Thanksgiving (yes, post-ELC) and am happy to grab some whatever you'd like.

We had Berkshire Beer at our wedding. Yum.

Dude, I am still not entirely positive that we are two different people.

PS: I am going to Diemand Farm to pick up my turkey on the Sunday before Thanksgiving. If you want one I will pick it up for you. Just call them and order it. They are charging $3.49 a pound.

Lily VS: We can never meet or two parallel universes will collide. P.S. I never get to make Thanksgiving dinner because we're always visiting other people. But maybe someday.

Susanna: I would definitely love some of that kielbasa. Let's talk.

Ali: Thanks for your two cents. I can't wait to restock my fridge with local condiments!


Great blog and you are hilarious (especially like your observation that Bostonians won't give up their seat for a pregnant lady. My experience as well but I still love living here...).

I run the marketing dept. for Australis Aquaculture, the company that's raising barramundi in Turners Falls. Wanted to let your readers know that it's not actually a relative of Chilean sea bass but is in fact used as a sustainable replacement for it. The taste and texture is more of a cross between red snapper, grouper and striped bass. Sweet, mild, buttery and flaky. Quite tasty!

Also, you can find a list of MA venues on our website in the Where To Find section. Right now it's on special at Stop & Shop, plus a number of other stores and restaurants throughout the area.

Lastly, I'm collecting barramundi recipes for our website if you or your readers would like to submit one!

Carol Devine
Vice President, Marketing
Australis Aquaculture

It's so strange to hear someone talking about barramundi as an exotic, hard to find fish. It's a staple here in Australia.
Now you need to get into some yabbi action.

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