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October 05, 2008


Happy Birthday! I would pick an awesome cannoli over a cake any day.

Here in NJ we have a local bakery in Trenton that makes a cannoli cake. It's the best of both worlds...

Happy Birthday! Excellent cake substitute!

YUM! Happy, happy birthday!!!!

Happy Birthday!
I wish Cannolis were anywhere close to local. I think the nearest homemade ones might be in NJ.

Happy Birthday Tammy! Hope you had a great day.

oh that looks good! Do you suppose if I lick the screen I'd taste the cream?

And on that note, happy birthday!

Happy Birthday!

I tend to think birthday cakes are overrated. I prefer creme brulee as a birthday sweet, myself.

Screen licking at work. Again. Happy Birthday!

That cannoli looks especially scrumptious. Happy Birthday! We did this for my son's 4th birthday. It was his idea! We bought the cream and shells separately.


happy birthday tammy! any progress on the bike? I am going to try and hit the market in Waban tomorrow (my sister lives there). Can I pick up some ginger for you?

Happy Birthday dear Tammy. I can't believe it's been almost a year since I found you on the blogger award thingies. Glad I did. :) Hope you had a great weekend, with more than just the cannoli!

Thanks, everybody. And thanks for reading. I will eat more cannolis in your honor.

Happy Birthday Tammy, I just came across your blog a couple of weeks ago. I'm from Hamden, CT. My dad and his parents, also Marchigiano, lived on Carlisle street in the Hill section of New Haven. I hope your cannoli was as good as Lucibello's or Libby's. I still get to New Haven now and then as I still have friends and family in the area. I have been in MA for about 8 years now, outside of Springfield. I really enjoy your blog as I love to cook also. Take care for now.

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