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October 24, 2008


Do you start to feel like an anorexic listing everything you ate? I mean that except instead of listing the calorie count for each item, you list the source. Can you hardly wait to stop the insanity?

Heather: That's an understatement. I'm so far away from anorexia on the food spectrum, though, that I didn't even know itemization was part of the process.

i can barely keep up with my CSA, let along track down everything else locally, and this in a city with really good greenmarkets. i think you deserve a week of estrogen pizza.

Hey Tammy ~
Long time no talkie. How's tricks? Or should I say Treks... (hehe. getit?) I don't really have any comments that relate to this entry, but thought you might want to check this site out.


I laughed. I cried. I wish I had ghetto kool.

Should I come over and smack your husband?
I bet he likes Guns and Trucks Pizza.

Hang in there. I'd write more, but now I need some Diamond and Estrogen pizza.

Thank God for friends - girl and otherwise. They make life so much more bearable. (...did I spell that right?)

I just went over and checked out Cookin' With Coolio - TFF!!! I have watched Bitchin' Kitchen on that site before but never knew about Coolio. Thanks Tim!

Sally: The spelling and the sentiment are perfect!

What a Card: I've never really been much for diamonds, but, apparently, I make up for it in estrogen.

CC: No, he's more of a Baseball and World of Warcraft Pizza kind of guy.

Tim: Thanks, I needed that!

Michelle @ TNS: I hope you don't mind that I took you up on your offer.

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