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October 28, 2008


Yeah, I just learned how good goat is too. I thought it was going to be all tough and shreddy, but it's not.
I've got goatburger in my freezer right now.

And, wait. Are you saying now you want to eat donkey?

Really?? *Cringe*

Buuut if you say so, I may have to rethink it.

Coming from SoCal and a pretty predominate Hispanic neighborhood, I have had some delicious Birria. We have quite a few Boer goat farm/ranches near my house in Central Texas, but I cannot seem to find any goat meat at the market! Boo!

I had one big, banquet-style meal during my semester abroad in Italy where one of the courses was braised goat with butter and sage. It was marvellous. I had seconds.

Seriously, I think calling it kid must have upset everyone and scared them away..but goat is sooooo good and rather lean and could easily be a sustainably raised animal due to their voracious appetites for weeds and scrub.
I've also never understood why rabbit isn't more widely utilized.

jo: I wonder if I could raise goats on this mountainous cliff I live on, with all-you-can-eat garbage and poison ivy. Mmmmmmm. As for rabbits, I agree, although I know certain family members of mine who have soft spots for them. Me, my soft spot is in my belly.

adele: Drooooooool.

prettyneato: I hereby declare birria to be the next goat recipe in the queue.

Melissa: Oooooh, it's good. Succulent and lambish. Rethink!

CC: I'm just saying, you know, if there was nothing else.

A little more appropriate (in a couple of ways) and definitely more interesting than pita as an accompaniment for that curry may be the recipe near the bottom of this page:


...for Lamb Fat and Spinach Chapatis, from Jennifer McLagan's great new book, "Fat: An Appreciation of a Misunderstood Ingredient, with Recipes." I'm pretty sure you could substitute goat fat for lamb.

I'm not quite as adventerous as you are! But what a great idea your eat local challenge...I always feel better know, knowing that I'm eating local produce. Not even so much for the envionmental factor, but because who wants to put something in their body that's been on a truck for 2 weeks in a dark box? Yuck.

maris: Thanks for commenting. It was an adventure indeed.

Barry Foy: I didn't bring it up, but I actually made homemade chapatis (sans lamb fat) and they suuuuucked. They sucked real bad. That's why I didn't list them. Thanks for reminding me.

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