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September 11, 2008


All well and good, but um, recipe?

No worries that a certain "perfect" recipe testing machine will come after you on this one. "Just take a delicious pie dough, any and all cow by-products, and voila!"

Fine. When my husband is disappointed that he isn't having this for dinner, I'll tell him to call you.

And yes, my tantrum is over now.

Salad? Bah. There are tomatoes in it. Tomatoes are healthy.

I'll be honest. A salad with that actually sounds really, really good.

But back to that tart. Oh that tart. I need it for dinner.

drool worthy pics with no recipe? No fair!

Acadian? That's old-skool Cajun, innit?

I think I'da eaten my tart with tart too. I ain't mad atcha.

I actually think that tart looks beautiful - yard clippings and all. It's got the edibility factor. I like all the more for it's rustic appearance.

Helen: It was indeed edible. Too edible.

Heather: Impressive! Old-skool Cajun is right, but the ones in Massachusetts can't make jambalaya for shit.

Sunny12: You've guilted me into it. See below.

Melissa: For lunch the next day, I struck a compromise. Tart with more tart AND a salad. It was great.

Adele: That's right. And don't forget the parsley!

Andrea: You were right. I was wrong. Here's the approximate recipe if my memory can be trusted:

Make a pie crust using whatever recipe you're comfortable with. I used this one minus the sugar: http://www.foodonthefood.com/food_on_the_food/2008/08/pie.html

Fit dough into a tart pan or pie plate, trim the edges, cover the whole thing with foil, and weigh it down with dried beans or something. Bake at 400F for 25-30 minutes until golden and middle doesn't look doughy.

Meanwhile, survey your fridge for dairy products. I used something like a 1/2 cup of creme fraiche, a cup of ricotta, and added enough 1% milk to make it pourable. Whisk in four eggs, salt, and pepper.

When the tart shell comes out. Let it cool a bit. Sprinkle a cup and a half of shredded extra-sharp cheddar over the crust. Arrange thinnish slices of tomato on top along with CHOPPED parsley and marjoram. Pour the dairy mixture over it. Did I sprinkle some Parmesan cheese on top? Dear god, I think I did.

Anyway, bake at 350F until golden and just set, maybe 30 minutes. Let COOL before you dive in so it can firm up. Can we be friends again now?

I am so glad that I've been obsessively checking back to see if you commented the recipe.

Thank you!!

Oh! This sounds delicious!!

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