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September 30, 2008


It's probably enough for tonight. Maybe.

Enough for what? That looks like a good evening right there.

NurseJen: Enough to survive Husband's complaining. Nope, not nearly enough.

Flood: Yeah, that's what I meant. Tomorrow is another day.

We need some sort of reverse Berlin Airlift. Ask them to send us beer. These are dark, frightening days, my friends. They call for dark beer.

I have a lot of complaints ready to go. We're gonna need some stronger local booze than beer and wine. And a lot of it.

Your wine has a cock on it.

Daddy is a Cock: Yes, that's why I bought it!

Husband: Then let's see some action on your part with all that engineering knowledge. Want to try your hand at bourbon? There's still some local corn kicking around.

Jess: Yes, dark beer. I'm sure the local microbrew guys could come up with some clever names, too, like "Night Shift" or "Squatter's Ale" or "My Retirement Plans are Down the Crapper Stout."

I find I choose wine based on the name or the label (Fat Bastard comes to mind). DH and I have found that we really enjoy Australian wines. Good luck on your Eat Local challenge again this month.

Oooo, that would be rough in my household too. Tough to go local with hard alcohol.

Ahhhh behold the beauty of the BBC growlahhh.........!

But if ale isn't your things, you check out the Berkshire Brewing Company's website, they have a link to locally distilled liquor.

First distillery in Massachusetts since, oh, like before Puritan times.

There are more and more botique distillers out there. I think that one of the best Bourbons comes from Iowa and I'm fairly certain vodkas in any number of places.

And no Bourbon doesn't have to come from Kentucky, most does, but Bourbon is a Federaly defined product and the definition does not include location of production.

There was a long article in the NYTimes about this recently, well during the summer I think.

We toured the Westport vineyard on the way home from a weekend in Newport. Their whites and "sparkling wines" are really good, particularly the latter. I'd put it up against some snooty French champagne any day of the week.

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