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September 19, 2008


Muy ole!

Oops, I got so excited about this recipe I prematurely posted. It happens to everyone once in a while..it does! I've heard that. Anyway, yummy! I'm going to try this next weekend and have my family over, it seems like a breakfast dish, so that is what it shall become. I shall wear a spanish rose in my ear and dance barefoot in the kitchen. Thanks for the recipe!

Oops, did I just say I was going to put a rose IN my ear? I meant behind my ear. Sorry, I hit the Sangria early :-)

looks more like Camelia trees to my eyes. Bore, boring, super boring - yes I know! BUT I love that photo, it's not easy to find photos with a lot of people in it and it is alive and interesting to look at, like an illustration in a book. But what is that guy in the lower right hand corner doing? Stealing something from that small tree/bush???? -he does have a plastic bag in his hand....

I'd have to put chorizo in it for Steve. God that sounds good.

Melissa: Steve has good taste.

Ilva: You're right! I just e-mailed the Pontevedra Tourism Dept. and they said camellias. Good eye. And not boring at all--I actually think they're prettier than roses. As for that guy, I wondered that myself. Cleaning up after his dog? Stealing "roses"?

Alicia: Premature posting is very common. The best remedy is to eat more tortilla. Glad to hear you won't be puncturing your eardrums with roses this weekend. I was worried.

CC: Anda!

LOL you got me with 'on the third try.' Your tortilla looks wonderful. I haven't eaten one in years, though I do have potatoes in the garden just waiting to be dug up, and our crazy chickens pop out an egg or two when they feel like it. Thanks for the inspiration and the laugh!

This was dinner last night, topped with the patatas bravas sauce, which also solved the problem of needing to flip - slowly cook the tortilla covered, super heat the sauce, pour boiling hot oil over the uncooked egg, recover, and slowly cook a bit longer.

Of course, I broke a glass right after replacing the lid, so cleaning up gave it plenty of time to steam to a finish.

This would be so great as a brunch dish, with some bacon, fruit salad and maybe cinnamon buns on the side. Or we could just put the bacon inside of it, and eat it straight from the pan.

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