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September 22, 2008


Easy enough mistake to make. Probably something I'd do if I'd gotten it in my head to make my grandmother's plum jelly on one of the days of the week where I don't sleep and instead do pet projects. Though I think you are probably braver or more tolerant than I am because I would not be able to handle the kind of texture you're talking about in a tomato flavour. It might taste good enough, but the texture would probably make me wretch :(

Well, I think you've beaten Bittman and all the others to the punch. No-one else is pushing a recipe for spiced jelled tomato paste, are they? :)

Well, at least it *tastes* good...but I'm with Jen. The texture would really turn me off. That's a good recipe, though.

Ha! Well played, it looks like the end result was even more delicious and creative than the original goal. A whole new kind of tomato paste...

No, I think it's fantastic! I like it.

CC: I knew I could count on you!

court: I can see that you're an optimistic kind of person, so you're welcome back anytime.

Sally: The texture's not great, I will admit, but made correctly it really is delicious.

Adele: That's right. I'm a visionary.

Jen: You might wretch if you have texture issues. I can't deny that possibility. But the tomato flavor is barely tomatoey at all. It's so sweet it makes me think of candied roses, if roses actually tasted good, and the spices remind me of apple butter. Good luck with that plum jam!

Well I haven't run across those other tomato jam recipes, so your first in my eyes. :^) But just yesterday I heard about quince paste eaten with manchego! Do you listen to the Good Food podcast from KCRW? That's where I heard it.

"It looks like I tried to cook a jellyfish."

Oh god.

I do not have texture issues, so I'd probably like it with the cheese. Way to salvage it!

Are you serious? I think the tomato slice sounds terrific!! It's like molecular gastronomy, home edition, yo. I am totally going to make it and credit it to you. I really do think it will be lovely.

But you used the whole box of gelatin? I might try just one packet.

Also, on a minor and more serious and important note -- you're not supposed to boil lids anymore. The seals are thinner and crappier. Just heat them up to a bare simmer (180-185 degrees) and let sit for 5 minutes before using.

Eugenia: Yes, in hindsight, a box of gelatin was kind of overdoing it. Thanks for the tip on the lids. I'm a novice canner.

Melissa: I'm trying it with local gouda next.

Tricia: I haven't heard that podcast, but I'll have to check it out. Dali, our local Spanish restaurant, has manchego with quince paste on the menu. I never actually had quince paste in Spain (but I had LOTS of manchego).

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