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September 24, 2008


Genius. (I will buy the beer. I will buy the beer because it is most excellent for my viloated chicken recipe which I stole from someone who must remain nameless. The reasons it is most excellent are that the paint does not peel when exposed to high temps in the chicken's butt, it is relatively inexpensive and doubles as slugfest in the garden when necessary).

Alecto: I know exactly the recipe of which you speak! And you have some very compelling reasons for buying this product which, in combination with the ad, means perhaps I should start buying stock in this company.

One of my all time favorites!


F*^%'n A! That commercial is a hoot! They'd make a mint off of me and my F bomb. It's a dirty habit I blame totally on my husband and I'm most grateful we have no kids.

Thank you for sharing that one!

I could fill a very large jar just telling you what I think of that particular beer.

I'll drink it. It's cheap and it gets the job done. It's not my favorite, but it works.

Poop. I'm a poor excuse for a foodie. And a curser.

Hilarious. Don't tell anyone though, but I never did learn to like beer.

I think if I recommend that idea here at work I might just get the promotion I'm after. But no, can't drink the stuff....sobriety is less painful ;-)


Oh Bud definitely sucks but that commercial accomplished something rare online in that I literally laughed out loud. HILARIOUS!

LMFAOOOO!! TFF! (And, if you know what those mean, then you know what a potty mouth I am.) I hadn't seen this commercial yet. Thanks for the laugh Tammy.

Sally: You're quite welcome. It won an Emmy, apparently.

Melissa: Me, too. My favorite part, besides all the swearing, was the way the guy in the beginning says, "Who gets the money?"

Katie: "Sobriety is less painful" -- I love it!

Kalyn: So, you're more of a tequila girl, then? I hear you.

Mary: Every good foodie has their vice(s).

Barry Foy: Good, then maybe we can afford to get some Boddington's instead.

April in CT: They'd make a mint off me, too. I have to restrain myself when the kids are around, but it has to come out somehow. That's what my blog is for, I guess.

Andrea: You're always five steps ahead of me, aren't you?!

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